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ZTE T8000 cluster router undertook the construction of Shandong Radio and television IP backbone

ctiforum on October 29 (Fanyi): Recently, ZTE announced that it had won the bid for the provincial IP backbone of Shandong Radio and television network Co., Ltd., which will exclusively provide the industry-leading zxr10 T8000 cluster router, management and related services, and provide high-speed interconnection forwarding and interconnection services with other operators for 17 metropolitan areas in the province

Shandong Radio and television network Co., Ltd. is the first provincial company to realize the complete integration of radio and television network in the developed coastal provinces. Qingdao and Jinan have been listed in the first and second batch of national three integration. Adeka is a pilot city for chemical suppliers, and has a deep understanding of the three integration field. Through the integration of branches in 17 cities, Shandong Radio and television has more than 17million cable users, which is the largest cable network in Asia and the second largest in the world. It hopes to build a double 10 billion leading cultural enterprise with assets and annual income of more than 10 billion yuan through the full-service promotion of three integration

with the promotion of "three convergence" and the construction of next-generation radio and television, the services carried by radio and television networks are increasingly rich. The demand for high bandwidth multimedia and storage services and high real-time interactive services is increasingly analyzed. The indicators that should be paid special attention to when selecting the pulling machine for soft packaging material detection are increasing. Objectively, it is necessary to build a manageable, controllable, scalable and profitable, telecom operation level full-service carrying network, and create a new radio and television platform for multi service integration. ZTE launched the zxr10 T8000 router. Its three core chips of high-speed routing and forwarding, high-capacity packet switching and traffic management are independently developed by ZTE North America Research Institute. Using the industry-leading 45nm process, it can provide single slot 100g line speed forwarding capability and provide full support for ipv4/v6. It is worth mentioning that the T8000 router can interconnect the service frames through the central frame to form a cluster system, which greatly improves the data forwarding capacity of the whole machine. At the same time, the cluster system is still represented as a node logically, with simple and clear network topology, convenient maintenance, and flat network

Xu Ming, general manager of ZTE's bearer products, said that he was happy to cooperate with Shandong Radio and television to build a backbone IP research network in the province according to CRU, which fully affirmed the excellent performance of ZTE's T8000 cluster router. The launch of T8000 cluster router and its global commercial use have made ZTE enter the nuclear weapon level club in the field of data communication. We believe that the high-performance, low-carbon, VCC virtual cluster control technology and high reliability of T8000 can help Shandong Radio and television IP backbone deployment realize flattening and put it into the test piece, and fully cope with the era of three convergence traffic storm

according to the latest report released by ovum, a world-renowned research organization, in Q2 2012, ZTE's data communication products have increased by more than 25% annually in recent years, ranking among the top three in the market share in the Asia Pacific region. High end routers have been commercially available in more than 50 countries overseas, with a cumulative overseas shipment of more than 2000 sets and a domestic shipment of more than 10000 sets, achieving a leap forward development; In the field of three convergence, ZTE's t8000/m6000 products have entered more than 10 radio and television networks, including Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei and so on

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