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ZTE released the 2016 industry trend "m

at the beginning of the new year, ZTE released the 2016 industry trend report" embracing the m-ict era and empowering industrial change " 。 ZTE predicted the ICT industry trend in its report, pointing out that the strong wave of shaping digital technology in the past three decades will become stronger and stronger in the future. Product personalization, technology intelligence, manufacturing services, and organization flattening will become the future social development trend, and 5g technology will become the basic element of the next generation of digital economy. Although there are 7.4 billion mobile users in the world, 50 billion connections are expected in 2020 and 100 billion connections in 2025, all these are only 1% of them. 99% of objects in the physical world are still not connected, and everything is just the beginning

ZTE's future oriented m-ict mobile Internet strategy for all things based on this enables industrial change, which mainly includes two meanings: first, it makes efforts in information, connection and computing capacity, and serves and enables the development of various industries; Second, drive the development of energy interconnection and lead a new round of technological change

ZTE pointed out that from text, voice, pictures, to video, 3D, AR, VR, human demand for data traffic is endless! The software definition represented by sdn/nfv reshapes the network architecture of the whole ICT. The network will focus on computing and intelligence, and the wireless wired network will tend to be a unified integrated access network. Carry the theme of pursuing rapid, open and simple development. Wireless networks are evolving in the direction of MBB (mobile high-speed broadband) and IOT (frequent connection of tensile machines for flexible packaging). Technological breakthroughs are urgently needed in the needs of massive connection and ultra-small delay. 5g research has experienced the process from early divergence to eliminating the false and preserving the true. At present, pre5g technology has increasingly become a hot spot

with the help of the development of computing, storage capacity, sensors and other hardware, artificial intelligence is moving from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence, which will partially replace human intelligence. China, the European Union and the United States have released strategies to promote brain planning research. The trend of intellectualization continues to develop in depth, covering consumer end devices in various forms, such as, television, cars, wearables, cameras, virtual reality devices, as well as office, manufacturing, and medical treatment. This is the latest product, education, and other work scenes of Huangyan Lisong Machinery Co., Ltd. Intelligent hardware is everywhere, deeply fitting all aspects of consumers' life and work

big video business has become a new arena for users to enter. With the strategic development of broadband in China, iptv/ott has ushered in an explosion, which is characterized by higher access speed, intelligent terminals, and cloud based architecture. The three major domestic operators have a total development goal of more than 200million optical broadband users in the next three years. At the same time, they combine the video business with the optical broadband business. According to the conservative conversion rate of 40 ~ 50%, the number of new users of domestic TV video business will reach million in the next three years. The size of the video service market is closely related to the development trend of broadband networks. The 4K pattern determines the pattern of IPTV systems and terminals in the next three years

after going through smart city 1.0 characterized by single module construction and information island, and smart city 2.0 characterized by multi module construction, information concentration and sharing, smart city will evolve to Smart City 3.0 containing massive computing resources and big data

distributed parallel power generation, smart wireless charging, micro and new energy vehicles, new lithium battery technology, etc. will set off a new round of energy interconnection revolution. Through distributed photovoltaic and power generation, industrial parks, enterprises with large roofs, businesses, office buildings, and residential users can upload excess power to large electricity to realize energy sharing. By laying wireless charging equipment under the main roads in the world, wireless charging can charge and empower mobile vehicles anytime, anywhere, according to their needs

security problems are characterized by ubiquity and fuzziness of security boundaries. The development of intelligent terminals, IOT and cloud computing, SDN architecture, cloud computing architecture, virtualization technology and so on has led to a surge in network users, traffic, new applications and devices, and an increase in attack areas. Intelligent analysis capability will drive the generation of a new generation of security products and services, and change the passive defense status of network space security. The size of the security threat intelligence market will grow from $3 billion in 2015 to more than $5.8 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 14.3%

the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China is based on the development of enterprise automation and informatization. The integration of industrial technology intelligence and interconnection has become the main direction of innovation. In 2016, China's automation is the only material market with no decline in intensity. The market grew to more than 387.6 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 16%. In 2020, the sales revenue of China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry exceeded 3trillion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 25%

semiconductors are still the cornerstone of the ICT industry, and Moore's law continues to promote the ICT industry to develop in a smaller, faster and more intelligent direction. Chips are evolving towards software definability. New materials, such as silicon light, will bring new changes in semiconductors and information technology

based on the future disruptive technological evolution, ZTE has established a CGO laboratory, adhering to the concepts of cool (the ultimate pursuit of quality), green (green energy conservation), open (open cooperation), based on cross-border innovation, layout innovative solutions such as intelligent manufacturing, UAV Communication, intelligent water marine communication, LEO satellite communication, and focus on the future development of m-ict

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