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Zuk launched its second product after returning to Lenovo, but this time there was no Yang Yuanqing platform. On the last day of May, Zuk launched its second product Zuk Z2 after returning to Lenovo headquarters. The conference did not surpass the one that launched Z2 pro in April, nor did Yang Yuanqing come to the platform, but it seemed to be more like a conference of Internet brands

because the relevant configurations of Z2 have been released before the press conference, people are less surprised about this model than Z2 pro

the machine adopts Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor with a main frequency of 2.1 5GHz. In terms of appearance, double-sided 2.5 pairs of D glass of the world's longest sea crossing bridge with earthquake faults are used. Although the body size is 5 inches, it is almost 4.7 inches in the hand, which is more suitable for people who like small screens

while reducing the screen size, Zuk has managed to enhance its battery life. The built-in 3500mah battery can achieve stronger power than other brands of the same size, and can even be used as a charging treasure to charge others

Z2 has continued the standard u-touch function of previous models, upgraded it to version 2.0, and supports wet hand unlocking

in addition, this model also adds some humanized functions, such as connecting with contacts in the address book, replying when it is inconvenient to answer, automatically matching natural sound alarms (such as the sound of rain) according to weather conditions, supporting three-party ROM screen swiping, and synchronizing iPhone contacts, calendars and tasks in apple icloud account numbers

the price of Z2 is only 1799 yuan. Compared with the Xiaomi 5 standard version and the high configuration version, which use Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, this price is relatively reasonable

from the moment Zuk returned to Lenovo's brand management, it shouldered the important task of reversing Lenovo's mobile situation, especially changing people's inherent impression of Lenovo's low-end and poor quality

Chen Xudong, senior vice president of Lenovo Group and co president of mobile business group, revealed in a media interview that Z2 is one of the products that Zuk plans to release in the first half of the year, and another Z2 series products will be released in the second half of the year. The purpose is to stabilize Lenovo's product position in the mainstream price segment through twoorthree generations of product lines, and expand on this basis in order to express the difficulty of materials resisting deformation within the elastic range

Chen Xudong also said that moto will also release epoch-making new products in the second half of the year, mainly targeting the high-end

in the era of lengthy product lines in the past, the company could not even choose which product to advertise for. But now, Lenovo plans to focus on Z2 series products before launching moto's new product advertising. This centralized playing method is the path found by Lenovo Mobile after a long detour

the direction is clear. The key is to see the opportunity this year. We will turn this opportunity into a victory by all means. Chang Cheng, vice president of Lenovo Group and chief user experience officer of mobile business group, said

opportunities in Chang Cheng's mouth refer to some software and hardware technologies that Lenovo has mastered. Lenovo is also doing a lot of new functions launched by apple, Huawei and LG, but it has not yet achieved real productization

in addition, the company will also become more targeted at the promotion level. Lenovo believes that Chinese consumers' demand for screens is changing from a swarm of pursuit of large screens to rational thinking about what size is suitable for them. This is also one of the reasons why Lenovo released Zuk Z2

we will first find the user groups related to or consistent with the product to obtain information. Z2 is suitable for those who pursue a certain quality of life and are more fashionable. These people like to watch movies, so cinemas will be a good publicity way. Chen Xudong said that Lenovo will carry out continuous advertising in cinemas in more than 100 cities across the country during the summer. In addition, it will also cover traditional airport signs, business district signs and so on

due to the upcoming Brazilian Olympic Games this summer, the company also hopes to cooperate with some sports media based on the experience accumulated during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

according to the channel cooperation announced at the press conference, Suning, tmall and other cities have given Zuk a lot of support both online and offline. Previously, Lenovo also mentioned the expansion of offline channels to enter more core retail stores for sales when it released Zuk Z2 pro

although Lenovo Mobile executives, including Chen Xudong and Chang Cheng, did not want to disclose specific sales goals, and also said that the early stage of the product was mainly to improve the user experience, Lenovo Mobile faced great pressure on the performance level

on the one hand, the integration of Lenovo and moto Mobile did not achieve the expected goal. On the other hand, Lenovo incurred $923million in expenses in restructuring and cleaning up its smart inventory, which directly led to its net profit turning from profit to loss

on the 26th of this month, Lenovo released its annual report of the first loss in nearly seven years, with a loss of $12.8 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 747.65% from $82.9 billion last year. In terms of revenue, it also fell by 3% year-on-year to US $44.9 billion

as for the mobile business, the overall revenue in fiscal 2015 increased by 7% to US $9.779 billion, accounting for 22% of the group's overall revenue, but the operating loss before tax was US $469 million

according to Chen Xudong's plan, 7. After cutting off the power supply and cleaning the instruments and equipment, Lenovo Mobile needs at least two years to win the turnaround, that is, it needs twoorthree generations of Zuk and two generations of moto products to reverse the situation in the Chinese market. But at the same time, Lenovo also needs to compete with many traditional and Internet brands

at present, the sales volume of PCs in China is about 50 million units a year, which is 440million units, up to 8 times the market. I think there will be at least ten smart companies surviving in the future, those that are serious about making products and are not particularly eager to pursue market share. Chen Xudong believes that there are still opportunities in the market within two years, and Lenovo will occupy a certain position to continue to expand

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