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ZTE obtained 90% share of Chinatelecom 2012 wavelength division and OTN phase II centralized purchase

ctiforum on December 24 (Fanyi): Recently, in Chinatelecom 2012 In the second batch of DWDM and OTN centralized procurement projects with poor jaw quality in two years, ZTE won five project packages, including Hulunbuir in Inner Mongolia, Jinan in Shandong, Jilin City in Jilin Province, Tangshan in Hebei Province and Baoding in Hebei Province, and obtained 90% of the centralized procurement share

with the in-depth deployment of broadband China strategy, Chinatelecom accelerated to improve the carrying network bandwidth and optimize the network structure to meet the needs of a large number of bandwidth services such as video and cloud computing in the future. While widening the network bandwidth, it also strengthens the intelligent management of the network, realizes the dynamic regulation of network resources, and enhances the adaptive ability of the network. OTN technology came into being. After several years of development, OTN equipment has become the mainstream product of building a new intelligent broadband basic network. Chinatelecom has deployed OTN networks on a large scale since 2011. In the OTN centralized procurement project in 2011, ZTE won the bid for OTN construction projects in four provinces including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Sichuan, and the overall share of 10G OTN winning the bid exceeded 75%. In October this year, Chinatelecom once again launched the centralized procurement bidding of the second batch of DWDM and OTN equipment in 2012, mainly involving six provinces, including Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia, Tongliao, Jinan, Shandong, Jilin City, Jilin Province, Tangshan, Hebei and Baoding, Hebei. The types of purchased equipment include 10g OTN and 40g OTN. ZTE and other mainstream OTN equipment manufacturers actively participated in this bidding. After fierce competition, ZTE finally won five of the six project packages with the leading advantage of equipment, and won more than 90% of the procurement share, becoming the biggest winner of this centralized purchase

the ZXone 8500, which won the bid this time, is the star product of ZTE ZXone 8000 Series OTN equipment. The equipment supports odu0/1/2/2e "/3/3e2 and other multi particle non blocking electrical crossover, with a crossover capacity of 3.2tbit, which is suitable for provincial network core nodes. Service access and cross capacity can make the network node scheduling ability stronger, and carry more services on a single node. At the same time, the equipment has the characteristics of high integration and low power consumption, and takes up less space and power resources to carry more services. Intelligent service grooming can improve the operator's commitment. Any damage to the product is not the business response speed and quality maintenance that manufacturers and customers want to see, Fully meet the business transmission needs of Chinatelecom

at present, ZTE IOTN solutions and products have been widely used in the world. In 2011, the solution won the infovision award issued by the world broadband forum. In June this year, ZTE cooperated with Deutsche Telekom's Austrian subsidiary to deploy Europe's first Wason commercial OTN network, and won the 2012 backbone optical network innovation award issued by GTB. For this reason, the provincial government will issue the implementation plan for the transformation and upgrading of new material industry in Shandong Province

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