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ZTE smart mine "seated" at Beijing coal exhibition ctiforum on June 28 (Fanyi): China's first 3G coal communication equipment manufacturer, ZTE, with its smart mine comprehensive solution, attended the 8th China International Coal Equipment and mining technology equipment exhibition grandly held in Beijing China International and electronic tensile testing machine exhibition center. Through the demonstration of application solutions including wired and wireless integrated communication equipment, integrated automatic optical network access equipment, communication scheduling equipment, monitoring and personnel positioning, ZTE has put forward effective solutions to a series of problems, such as the increase in the amount of information in coal mines, the poor communication of wireless voice, the integration of wired and wireless communication systems, and the establishment of mine communication links, It has paved a high-performance integrated communication network for the work of coal mines

according to different needs, ZTE smart mine construction can be flexibly combined by mining industry PON multi service transmission system, mining TD-SCDMA wireless communication system, mining CDMA professional wireless trunking system, wired and wireless integrated dispatching system, explosion-proof special terminal, etc

among them, PON multi service transmission platform realizes the multi-in-one transmission of monitoring signals, industrial TV video signals to complete fatigue experiment functions, underground scheduling signals, etc., and establishes an underground comprehensive transmission platform; At the same time, the mining TD-SCDMA wireless communication system solves the disadvantages of the WiFi wireless voice scheme, such as small capacity, no support for switching, high call drop rate, and uses clear and convenient wireless communication transmission to meet the work needs of underground patrol inspection, mobile post scheduling, emergency command, and underground IOT construction, and supports directional antennas, leaky cables and other coverage methods to adapt to the complex underground roadway environment; In addition to the high bandwidth and high performance unique to 3G communication, the CDMA professional underground wireless trunking system has achieved a technological breakthrough in which the number of single group communication is unlimited, and all members of the group can be connected within one second. It has realized the integrated scheduling business for the whole mine of large mines, and can notify the underground personnel to evacuate as soon as possible when encountering underground dangers; In addition, the wired and wireless integrated scheduling solution solves the integration of wired and wireless scheduling communication systems, and realizes the integrated scheduling of the whole mining area

domestic mining communication equipment has a very strict access system, and ZTE is one of the few communication equipment manufacturers that can meet national standards. Tang Lanxiang, general manager of ZTE energy industry, said: at present, ZTE has become the communication enterprise with the largest number of coal mines in China. The smart mine scheme has been applied in many large domestic coal mining enterprises, such as Tunlan Mine of Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Dongjiang coal industry, national energy, Lu'an, etc., to protect the safety of coal mines

in recent years, coal mine accidents have occurred frequently, so it is particularly urgent to establish a safe, convenient and efficient mine communication system. ZTE has fully applied 3G wireless communication, broadband data, IOT and other technologies to coal mines, which not only installed eyes and ears for mines, but also implanted intelligent brains into mines, and comprehensively applied network technology to coal production and management. Comments from relevant insiders

it is also understood that as one of the world's five major coal mining exhibitions, this China International Coal Equipment and mining technology and equipment exhibition has attracted nearly 600 domestic and foreign coal machinery manufacturing enterprises and multinational companies from all over the world to gather and exchange here. This exhibition is also an important part of ZTE's efforts to promote the exchange and cooperation between coal mine communication equipment enterprises and coal mines. At present, domestic enterprises can only hover between 300-900 w/s. It is the conclusion of the 2012 ZTE smart mine solutions national tour. On April 5 this year, ZTE launched a large-scale industry tour of smart mines, which lasted more than two months, spanning Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Shaanxi, Ningxia and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and put forward complete solutions and ideas for underground security, information construction, the integration of the two modernizations and other aspects, and achieved strong repercussions among customers

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