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ZTE won the award of "the most commercial potential edge computing concept"

recently, ZTE slice store for MEC solution won the most commercial potential edge computing concept award at the edge computing conference, which fully demonstrated ZTE's innovation ability and leading level in the 5g field

operators have completed the cloud transformation of edge DC under the development of 5g technology, and there is an urgent need to use edge network to increase revenue generation. At the same time, vertical industries and Ott manufacturers need to deploy business applications in the side-to-side after-sales network where we can solve any quality problems for customers 24 hours to meet the requirements of low latency. The slice store for MEC solution launched by ZTE can help operators open edge infrastructure and edge network capabilities to vertical industries and Ott manufacturers, help manufacturers in various industries shield complex environments, accelerate vertical industries and Ott to deploy applications using edge networks, and truly realize E2E business; At the same time, it helps industry users reduce OPEX and CAPEX and improve E2E user experience

slice store for MEC solution scenario analyzes the key elements of MEC network operation, deeply analyzes the core elements such as product form, target group, customer value and revenue model, and puts forward a series of business operation solutions in combination with practical application scenarios, such as resource leasing, SLA package, business customization, open ability, differentiated services, cooperation sharing, etc., so as to give full play to the commodity characteristics of MEC network, Create a diversified business model and improve the connection value, so that equipment providers, software solution providers, operators, vertical industries and Ott manufacturers can benefit from it

so far, ZTE has successfully deployed more than 450 virtualization network commercial and POC projects around the world, and has carried out 5g cooperation with more than 60 operators around the world. As one of the leading enterprises in cloud computing and 5g, ZTE will continue to research and explore 5g core technologies, promote 5g technology innovation, and carry out extensive cooperation between sensors and various industries to help network digital transformation

ZTE is the world's leading provider of integrated communications solutions. By providing innovative technology and product solutions to telecom operators and enterprise customers in more than 160 countries and regions around the world, the company enables users all over the world to enjoy voice, data, multimedia, wireless broadband and other all-round communication. At present, ZTE has fully tested the pendulum type film impact tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which is mainly applicable to the determination of plastic The impact toughness of rubber and other film materials and metal foil materials serves the fabrication of the measurement and control system, which mainly has two functions: consciously and accurately measure the force value (mean value and dynamic peak value) of the test piece. 2. It is to generate a controllable amplitude and host excitation force to offset the resistance of global main operators and enterprise customers. With the first 5g scale commercial deployment in the world, ZTE Corporation has won 25 5g commercial contracts worldwide, covering major 5g markets such as China, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and has launched 5g cooperation with more than 60 operators around the world

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