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ZTE was elected as the vice chairman of northeast big data industry alliance. On November 20, the ctiforum was engaged in advertising business illustrations. Koizumi day news (Li Wenjie): on the morning of November 18, the first meeting of the northeast big data industry alliance Council and the preparatory meeting for the establishment of the alliance were grandly held in Shenyang. About 60 representatives from more than 50 units in politics, industry, education, research, finance, media, media and other industries attended the meeting. ZTE was invited to attend the meeting, delivered a keynote speech at the meeting, and was elected as the vice president of the alliance

according to the introduction that it will be favored by more and more businesses, the northeast big data industry alliance is under the deployment background of implementing the action plan for promoting the development of big data of the State Council. In order to seize the strategic opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, and accelerate a new round of revitalization of Northeast China, it is jointly proposed by Shenyang big data administration bureau and Northeast University to integrate national and even global excellent enterprises, as well as government, industry, University, research, finance, media A distinctive regional big data industry alliance created by introducing expert resources from all walks of life. The alliance takes promoting the sharing and opening of government information and public data, deepening the functions of smart cities to benefit the people, promote industry and good governance, strengthening the data and information security system, taking the optimal industrial ecological environment as the guarantee, and promoting data collection and mining, joint development of key technologies, joint cultivation of talents, formulation and promotion of industrial standards, and investment cooperation of venture capital funds as the focus to accelerate the innovative development of the whole industrial chain of big data, Assist in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, cultivate new formats and models, promote the coordinated development of northeast big data industry and smart city cluster construction, and make due contributions to the revitalization of Northeast China and the establishment of a science and technology innovation center with international influence

up to now, more than 150 units covering various industries and fields have been identified as the first members of the alliance. Among them, 17 departments in charge of informatization in Changchun, Harbin, northeastern Inner Mongolia and cities in the province; 93 domestic well-known IT enterprises such as ZTE, Alibaba, digital China and Tencent, three major telecom operators, enterprises directly under the central and provincial governments, and Shenyang it and industrial enterprises; 11 universities including Dongda, Jida, Harbin Institute of technology and Liaoning University; 8 scientific research institutions including Shenyang Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences; 6 financial institutions such as Agricultural Bank of China and Shengjing bank; Liaoning Radio and television station, Tencent Daliao, Shenyang government and other media 6; There are 8 intermediary organizations such as various alliances

at present, northeast big data industry alliance, public accounts and other alliance services have gradually begun to start. The information collection, resource integration, communication and cooperation functions of the station and account have been realized. By further integrating and adding the needs and services of the alliance's member units, the station and account will soon become an important platform for the alliance's external publicity, service and promotion

During the conference, Liu Feng, general manager of ZTE's complex smart city product line, delivered a keynote speech on behalf of ZTE. Liu Feng first congratulated the establishment of northeast big data industry alliance and expressed his best wishes for the development prospect of the alliance. Then he introduced ZTE's concept and research work in the development of big data industry. At the same time, he said that ZTE was willing to actively join the northeast big data industry alliance and make contributions to the development of big data industry in Northeast China

in the next step, the alliance will organize 1 (2) month and enterprise resources within the alliance to provide comprehensive guidance and planning for regional governments on the development of big data industry, smart city construction, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, etc. Through the comprehensive cooperation and docking of experts, enterprises and governments, promote governments at all levels to speed up the interconnection, sharing and exchange of information resources, and drive the big data industry to be born in various places and industries in Northeast China. Automotive ceiling polyurethane materials are the most demanding root of all automotive polyurethane materials

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