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ZTE said it was not worried about Apple's patent litigation: the design was very cautious

in the morning of August 29, Beijing time, Luo Zhongsheng, vice president of ZTE department, said on Tuesday that ZTE was not worried about Apple filing a patent infringement lawsuit against the company. ZTE is committed to strengthening the patent library and providing unique designs and functions in

last week, apple won a patent infringement lawsuit with Samsung (Weibo). Industry insiders believe that ZTE and other Android manufacturers will face the risk of being sued by apple. Luo Zhongsheng said: we are not worried. As a listed company, we are very careful in design to ensure that we will not infringe the patents of other companies

according to the data of the world intellectual property organization, ZTE surpassed Panasonic last year and became the company with the largest number of patent applications in the world. Luo Zhongsheng said: we strive to develop patents, which will protect us from litigation

ZTE held a press conference in Hong Kong on the same day to launch the first ltebrand X in cooperation with China Mobile (Weibo). ZTE is making the design lighter and thinner, while strengthening the performance and functions of. Luo Zhongsheng pointed out that this year we are trying to improve the appearance design. A few years ago, some people may have thought ZTE was ugly, but now the feeling has changed

he believes that in the design, ZTE will be different from iPhone by placing the camera, headphone jack and charging interface in different positions. If we can list at least five differences between us and iPhone, then we won't infringe any patents

in terms of software, ZTE hopes to achieve differentiation with mifavor user interface. ZTE is currently the fourth largest manufacturer in the world, behind Samsung, Nokia (Weibo) and apple. By launching high-end intelligence, ZTE is trying to improve its profit margin in the fierce price war, so as to further improve its ranking

in the first half of this year, ZTE's consumption degradation time needs to be determined according to the humidity of the landfill land. The gross profit margin of the equipment business was 16.6%, a decrease of more than 3% over the same period last year. ZTE executives said on Tuesday that they plan to double the shipments of smart and tablet computers this year to meet the rapid growth of global market demand. Among them, the intelligent lead screw is also directly connected with the 10 prefix. With the rotation of the lead screw, the 10 prefix also moves up and down. The volume of goods is expected to be 40million this year, higher than 15million last year. The shipment volume of tablet computers is expected to reach 1million sets of well-known brand hydraulic components for electromagnetic directional valves. More than half of ZTE's smartphones will be sold to the Chinese market

ZTE executives said that the company's intelligence has performed well in some mature markets, such as Japan, the United States, Europe and Australia, and its sales in some emerging markets are also good. ZTE plans to launch Windows 8 smart in the first quarter of next year, but has not yet decided on which market to launch it in

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