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ZTE released cloud classroom 3.0 to create a new experience in voice teaching

on April 27, the 2017 ZTE Partner Conference kicked off in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. ZTE cloud computing showed a number of partners across the country in the field of ICT... Click on the required information front edge software and hardware solutions, and officially released ZTE cloud classroom 3.0 at the conference

cloud classroom is an electronic teaching software independently developed by ZTE and carried on the desktop of ZTE cloud. At present, it has been widely used in primary schools, middle schools and colleges in accordance with the national regulations on the production license management of industrial products. Its rich teaching and classroom management functions well meet the teachers' information-based teaching needs

in April, when everything recovers, ZTE cloud classroom has brought new breakthroughs on the original basis. Based on the voice classroom function of pure software based on the virtual desktop, the listening, speaking and reading in the integrated language teaching are integrated into the classroom software. The surface damage caused by rough polishing is the secondary consideration factor. The United States integrates multimedia broadcasting and checks whether the friction activity part should be filled with lubricating oil. The voice teaching function of professional language will turn the ordinary classroom into English, French, German and other foreign language teaching classrooms

high definition media broadcasting, comprehensive functions

high definition multimedia video and audio teaching in the voice classroom, all students receive the same media content, subtitle display, A-B point cycle playback, bookmark point playback, variable speed and constant tone and other functions to assist teachers in classroom multimedia teaching

high quality voice practice, correct pronunciation

48khz high-definition audio sampling, original audio and practice audio sub channel recording, fully automatic extraction of waveform data, efficient and high-quality mixing technology and other technical means to improve the quality of oral practice, oral dialogue training, monitor recording, and correct pronunciation in time

efficient oral examination, which can test the classroom effect at any time.

during the teaching process, students' recordings are uploaded, and they are automatically graded through the automatic and efficient scoring algorithm. Teachers can call students' recordings for targeted scoring and adjust the scores, so as to test the classroom teaching results at any time

the latest cloud classroom 3.0, which integrates multimedia teaching and voice classroom, integrates digital language system and cloud desktop, and integrates voice classroom and cloud classroom, making voice teaching more professional, more interesting and smoother communication

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