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ZTE was invited to become one of the first partners of Deutsche Telekom 5g Innovation Lab

at the NGMN conference in Frankfurt, Germany, where the emissions are low volatility and within the allowable range, Mr. UNO jacobuerborn, chairman of the board of NGMN alliance and CTO of Deutsche Telekom group, officially announced to the media the 5g Innovation Lab plan led by Deutsche Telekom. ZTE was highly recognized for its innovation and pioneering role in the 5g field, It was listed in the first batch of 5g innovation laboratory partners by Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom group leads the development of new global communication standards, cooperates with global scientific research companies, emerging companies and global network suppliers, and is based in Europe and committed to cultivating 5g innovation around the world. For comparison, under the same conditions, PEU is a partner of the 5g Innovation Laboratory of Deutsche Telekom. ZTE has deeply participated in the 5g work of NGMN and worked together with major operators to promote the standardization of 5g. ZTE will participate in the 5g research of Deutsche Telekom in the fields of 5g innovative key technologies

UNO jacobuerborn, chairman of the board of NGMN alliance and CTO of Deutsche Telekom group, said: we will work with leading partners to develop innovation systems, cultivate and guide standardization work. The laboratory will also provide a platform for our customers to participate in the research of 5g in the early development stage

Shi Lirong, CEO of ZTE, said: ZTE is one of the major innovators to promote 5g technology and standards. In the future, ZTE will continue to carry out 5g key technology pre research and patent layout to further enhance the core competitiveness of intellectual property before the next generation of technological change. ZTE sincerely hopes that through technological innovation and continuous efforts, together with 5g innovation laboratory partners, it can make contributions to the global 5g technology and standards without losing data when power is off. ZTE continues to innovate in the 5g field and is at the forefront of 5g development. It will conduct in-depth cooperation with leading operators in the world in Europe and other places

ZTE continued to invest 5g strategically, committed to 5g technology research and development and practice, and became a pioneer in the 5g field. In July 2014, ZTE put forward relevant target communications in terms of technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, resource guarantee, green development and integration of industrialization and industrialization. At the LTE 5g World Summit held in the Netherlands, ZTE was the first to put forward the innovative concept of pre5g and put it into commercial practice. In November, it completed the pre commercial field test of pre5g massive MIMO with China Mobile and other world leading operators. At the just concluded 2015mwc conference, ZTE showed the world's first pre 5g massive MIMO integrated commercial base station for on-site business demonstration, using existing 4G commercial terminals and 128 antennas based on 4G single carrier, which increased the system capacity by times, causing a sensation in the industry. Other key technical solutions of pre5g led by ZTE, including ultra dense network udn and multi-user shared access Musa, will also be introduced gradually. Recently, Shi Lirong, President of ZTE, and Carlos moedas, vice president of the European Union, met. The European Union welcomes ZTE's participation in the h2020 plan, and is jointly committed to 5g development and innovation, as well as research and future development of digital technology. At the same time, according to the latest data of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), ZTE ranked among the top three global international patent (PCT) applications in 2014 with 2179 patents, and it is the only enterprise in China that has won this honor for five consecutive years

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