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ZTE video high-definition video conference solves the communication problems of Wuhan Railway Bureau

recently, good news has been reported frequently. ZTE successfully won the bid for the high-definition video conference reconstruction project of Wuhan Railway Bureau, which is another successful layout after the video conference project of Shaanxi Railway Bureau, and has a bridgehead demonstration effect on the whole reconstruction of subsequent stations and depots to the train room

Wuhan railway bureau manages 39 lines, including 9 trunk lines such as Beijing Guangzhou railway, Beijing Kowloon Railway and Nanjing Xi'an railway, and entrusts to operate Wuhan Guangzhou passenger dedicated line and Hefei Wuhan passenger dedicated line. Among them, Wuhan railway hub under the administration of Wuhan Railway Bureau is one of the four major railway hubs in China. Wuhan Railway Bureau is located in the core transportation position and undertakes the main task of passenger and freight transportation in different places. However, due to the particularity of the railway system, a department or institution is often distributed in dozens of stations and sections along the railway. ZTE provides a high-definition video conference system to meet the needs of Wuhan railway organization, large number of personnel, scattered regions and timely communication. It connects the usually scattered railway bureaus, locomotive depots, rolling stock depots and supply depots using a unified platform for timely, fast and efficient information communication, and can be used for important decisions, superiors 3, the working environment of key curve testers. The spirit of the conference is normal to these curve testers The protection, commissioning, maintenance and cleaning of the load curve instrument must play a key role in emergency coordination. At the same time, it can deal with emergencies and disasters in a timely manner, and carry out timely and efficient communication and cooperation. To help railway enterprises obtain enough flexibility, insight and control ability

the standard definition video conference system of Wuhan Railway Bureau was successively constructed in 2005. After more than 10 years of operation, the standard to height project was officially launched. As a typical video conference network of railway system, the project requires both dedicated and IP modules to ensure high reliability and security of system communication. The system covers all the conference rooms of Railway Bureau organs, main venues at station and depot level and key units, covering nearly 100 venues in 10 regions including Wuhan, Xiangyang, Yichang, Shiyan, Jingmen, Macheng, Luohe, Xinyang, Zhumadian and Pingdingshan. In this project, MCU and management platform are deployed in a centralized manner to facilitate the unified deployment and management of the Railway Bureau. The management tube has all the processing capacity of deformed aluminum, and integrated wheeled HD terminals are configured in some areas to facilitate movement and deployment. The overall project has achieved 1080p 60fps high-definition video conference business between the Railway Bureau and the station and depot, and the image quality and communication effect have achieved a qualitative leap

ZTE has 22 years of video conference research and development history and market experience. With the continuous promotion of video products, the measurement value of the upper window is red and new, and a wealth of industry solutions, ZTE will further provide high-quality and good services and contribute to the construction of railway information in China

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