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XCMG's 100 ton "lifting weapon" helps Shandong Aluminum Power Construction

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XCMG's 100 ton "lifting weapon" helps Shandong Aluminum Power Construction

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during the national holiday, all parts of the country are celebrating the birthday of the motherland in different forms. In an aluminum power enterprise in Binzhou, Shandong, Two XCMG 100 ton cranes hand in hand to offer an amazing large-scale hoisting feast, presenting gifts to the motherland on behalf of the construction machinery industry

for the chemical transformation project under construction, the entry and exit of equipment need to be accurately measured, especially in the narrow construction site, which increases the construction difficulty invisibly, and it is a huge test for the on-site operation of the operator. XCMG qay260a all terrain crane has six axles, with a body length of more than 16 meters and a body weight of 72 tons. However, the product adopts advanced electro-hydraulic proportional steering control technology to accurately and reliably realize multi-mode steering, and can shuttle more flexibly in the narrow construction site. Therefore, for the hoisting team, they have already made up their minds

at about 9 a.m., the installation project of chemical aluminum furnace began on time. This hoisting task is the most difficult construction link in the project for two years. It is necessary to replace the original small furnace with a large one. At this time, the wind force in the site has reached level 6, which is a severe test for the technology and industrial utilization of cutting-edge new materials to break through large-scale hoisting projects, and requires the crane to have super micro motion and stability. All members of the hoisting team on site perform their respective duties and are calm. In the whole process of hoisting, it is necessary to lift the furnace to a height of more than 10 meters, and it is not allowed to touch various equipment less than 1 meter around. When the load rate reaches 100%, the furnace is slowly lifted and accurately installed in place. The whole process is accurate and complete in one go, which takes only 30 minutes

it is understood that the project has a total investment of 15billion yuan, including the transformation of chemical aluminum desulfurization and the construction of eight 66 MW units. It is expected that the printing paper will slowly enter the machine head by the end of the construction period of 20, and all will be completed by the beginning of 18. The two XCMG 100 ton cranes that ensure the smooth progress of this project will participate in the reconstruction and construction throughout the process. In addition to qay260a all terrain crane, another qy100k-1 also plays an important role. After one month's construction, the relevant construction units gave high evaluation and recognition to the two XCMG 100 ton cranes. (this article is from XCMG)

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