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XCMG 2016 BMW dream team: Iron Man xca1200 all terrain crane

XCMG 2016 BMW dream team: Iron Man xca1200 all terrain crane

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on November 22, Shanghai BMW exhibition is about to open. As China's largest professional supplier of construction machinery with the most complete product varieties and series, XCMG will appear at the exhibition with the latest technological achievements and a strong product lineup. Xca1200 all terrain crane is the most eye-catching of the nine boutiques exhibited by XCMG this time

XCMG participated in the 2016 BMW exhibition

xca1200 all terrain crane. As a member of XCMG's BMW dream team, we can use "Iron Man" to describe it. Iron man gives me the image of justice and great power. Xca1200 is also similar to iron man in this aspect

xca1200 is a new "g generation" series of high-performance all terrain cranes developed by XCMG under the accumulation of crane technology achievements for many years, fully absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with the current situation and development trend of international and domestic all terrain cranes, and using advanced design concepts and means. It has 12 "g generation" technologies, including fully closed hydraulic system, intelligent boom, new single cylinder bolt, g generation appearance modeling, human-computer interaction system, etc. It can be said that the performance of xca1200 is as outstanding and unparalleled as iron man

iron man

fashionable and dynamic appearance

iron man armor is a classic red and yellow armor with bright color and high appearance value, which has continued for several generations and can be called a classic. In contrast, the new xca1200 all terrain crane, inside and outside, also inherits the style of XCMG family: dynamic, young, passionate, so that you can feel extraordinary heroism at the first sight. The shape of xca1200 all terrain crane head is novel and smooth, and the wide cab of the new engineering vehicle is adopted. The overall shape of the cab is beautiful and the vision is wide

xca1200 all terrain crane

strong performance and wide use

the strong dynamic performance of iron man has also been shown on xca1200 all terrain crane of XCMG. It uses 8-section single cylinder bolt telescopic boom, and the boom made of ultra-high strength steel, which has the ability to install about 2.5 MW wind power. It is worth mentioning that it can be changed into general-purpose models and wind power models through module combination: the wind power model (this exhibition) has seven 89.7-meter main arms, which are self folding 25.3-meter wind power arms and super lift; For general-purpose models, an 8-section arm is added, with an arm length of 102 meters. Users can choose fixed jib and tower arm. With XCMG's mature super lift combined boom technology, the deformation of the crane boom can be effectively reduced, and the lifting performance and safety performance of the whole machine can be greatly improved

xca1200 all terrain crane

the chassis is stable and suitable for all road conditions

iron man has excellent mobility and the flight ability of propeller. Xca1200 all terrain crane of XCMG can't fly in the sky, but it can be competent for most road conditions. Xca1200 is an 8-axle chassis of all terrain crane designed by professional chassis technology, and can realize all wheel steering. The key of chassis design technology is the design of hydro pneumatic suspension system and multi axle steering system, both of which are unique technologies of all terrain cranes. Compared with the chassis of truck crane, it has stronger pressure bearing capacity, smoother driving performance, more effective balance of axle load and increase. 2. Injection molding equipment: the roll stiffness of the whole machine

xca1200 all terrain crane working state

xca1200 all terrain crane of XCMG can realize 360 ° full swing lifting operation. It is equipped with XCMG's unique high speed ratio reducer axle hydraulic drive, and the industry's first triple axle six axle mechanical drive. It can carry the main boom, super lift, wind power boom, and front and rear outriggers for heavy-duty transition. The heavy-duty transition climbing ability reaches 38%, and the independent suspension chassis improves the road adaptability and trafficability by 30%

xca1200 is equipped with self loading and unloading combined balance weight, which can ensure the lifting stability. In terms of outriggers, xca1200 adopts "X" outrigger structure, intelligent driving and braking system, and is flexible. When lifting, it is generally necessary to put down the outrigger, increase the bearing surface, and level the fuselage to ensure the stability and lifting capacity of the crane

x localization of membrane raw materials and membrane assembly technology ca1200 all terrain crane LCD dashboard

high end technology, leading technology

iron man's armor has a high sense of science and technology, and xca1200 of XCMG is no less than that. Xca1200 all terrain crane is equipped with a 12.3-inch large mirror display in its lower cab. Instead of the mechanical pointer, it adopts a virtual instrument interface, which makes the driving information display rich and intuitive, and all the information has been seen. Its on-board cab has a 10.4-inch double true color touch screen and a multi-functional capacitive touch panel integrated with 13 intelligent and information-based interaction technologies, which integrates information, intelligence and human-computer interaction

xca1200 all terrain crane upper control system

in addition, xca1200 all terrain crane of XCMG adopts super lift technology of large all terrain crane, multi condition braking control technology and dynamic axle load acquisition technology, which have reached the international leading level. The boom self disassembly technology, multiple boom combination technology, combined counterweight technology, electro-hydraulic proportional torque assembly method steering technology, multi working condition and multi-mode control technology, single cylinder bolt technology, etc. have reached the international advanced level

xca1200 all terrain crane has a rapid transition

xca1200 all terrain crane has a rapid transition

excellent efficiency and rapid transition

xca1200 all terrain crane adopts lightweight technology, making the weight of the whole machine lighter than the previous generation product qay1200 of Jiuqiao. In the case of transition of wind power conditions, the weight of the whole machine is 207t, and the bridge load is controlled within 12t under road driving conditions. It can be said that xca1200 has lighter weight and more uniform bridge load distribution, taking into account road driving and heavy load transfer, making the transfer safer, more reliable and more efficient

in terms of transfer, xca1200 all terrain crane has a high transfer efficiency, and the vehicle can be collected within 2 hours. Xca1200 only needs to remove the balance weight when it is collected, and it can carry 2.5 MW wind power operation conditions for transfer. In addition, it adopts the automatic folding wind power arm structure originally created by XCMG, which improves the disassembly efficiency by 20%. At the same time, xca1200 also has a variety of assembly and disassembly modes of arm extension, which can meet users' different transportation schemes

large tonnage all terrain crane, with large lifting capacity and wide application range, is the focus of competition in the field of Engineering cranes. The new "g generation" xca1200 is an all terrain crane with the strongest performance and the highest scientific and technological content launched by domestic brands at present. It can be used for the installation and maintenance of wind power of 2.5MW and below, petrochemical, bridge and other engineering construction, and can meet the hoisting needs of many engineering construction

The successful development of xca1200 all terrain crane can not only replace the import of 1000 ton all terrain crane and break the monopoly of foreign giants, but also the advanced technology it adopts can be used in other industries. It is an important achievement of XCMG technology driving national technological innovation

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