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XCMG 2018 Shanghai BMW exhibition demonstrates the wisdom of steel in the new era

on November 27, the 9th China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery and engineering vehicles and Equipment Exhibition (Bauma China 2018) kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center. On November 27, the 9th China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery and engineering vehicles and Equipment Exhibition (Bauma China 2018) opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. On the stage of Shanghai BMW construction machinery exhibition, which has a vision of smart manufacturing, XCMG group, as the new development direction and trend leader of China's construction machinery industry, also officially issued the declaration of smart leading high-end and winning the future. Taking the oil pan prepared with the special material for oil pan produced by CGN Juner as an example, wisdom made a comprehensive interpretation of the opportunities and challenges faced by the current industry development

the total exhibition area of this exhibition is 300000 square meters. 3340 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions around the world participated in the event with 200000 visitors, and tens of thousands of new products and technologies were reassembled. Among them, XCMG has won the championship for 9 consecutive years with the largest outdoor exhibition area of 6160 square meters. 79 host products, 41 pieces/set of core components and non physical displays, a strong star product lineup, the latest technological and intelligent manufacturing innovation, and complete sets of solutions undoubtedly became the most beautiful scenery on the exhibition site. In addition, the launch of the technological innovation alliance for high-end construction machinery and core parts industry, the release of the latest achievements that are technologically advanced and indestructible, and the release of XCMG's third African water cellar public welfare project to make the world a better place, as well as a series of brand activities that highlight quality, innovation, value and, fully demonstrate the beauty of the ingenuity of major countries' heavy weapons, Let the world deeply feel the ultimate pursuit and extraordinary strength of the integration and innovation of Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises

a big hand in empowering industry

standing at the crossroads of transformation and upgrading, how can made in China build its core competitive advantage? This undoubtedly attracts the attention of the world. General Secretary Xi Jinping especially pointed out during XCMG's inspection that many core technologies cannot be obtained or bought, and must be driven by innovation and independent innovation. Therefore, to move towards the middle and high-end of the global industrial chain and build a world-class industrial cluster, we must first break the bottleneck of key common technologies, have patience and determination, and rely on everyone to work together to achieve collaborative innovation and win-win future! Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of XCMG group, said

in the face of industry problems such as weak independent innovation ability, difficult breakthroughs in key technologies, and a large number of scientific research achievements that cannot be transformed into productivity, XCMG, which always keeps in mind the mission of serving the country through industry, has a deeper thinking on innovation than ordinary people can reach. The real competition in the future is no longer the competition between enterprises, but the competition between strategic alliances. Around the judgment of this trend and the common technical problems of industry development, the strategic alliance for technological innovation in the high-end construction machinery and core parts industry, which is initiated by XCMG and participated by more than 60 enterprises and scientific research institutions, was announced on the international stage of 2018 BMW Shanghai exhibition

focus on the three high and one big product strategy of high-end, high added value, high reliability and large tonnage. After the establishment of the alliance, it will concentrate the advantageous innovation resources of the construction machinery industry, work together to break through the key common technologies of the industry, build an independent and controllable innovation chain for the high-end equipment and core parts industry, and truly solve the bottleneck of hollowing out China's equipment industry! In the introduction of Luchuan, President of XCMG machinery (000425, Guba), it is not difficult for us to hear the confidence that innovation drives manufacturing and leads innovation with manufacturing

as the first industrial technological innovation strategic alliance of China's construction machinery, it is not only an important carrier for implementing the national innovation driven development strategy and building a technological innovation system, but also a technological innovation cooperation organization based on the development needs of the industry and the common interests of all parties to form joint development, complementary advantages and benefit sharing. The times are changing, but unity is the road of power, but it will not change. Gather innovative forces to solve the hollow problem (4) pull the sales return, impact the button, and seize the commanding height of technological innovation and industrial services. The strategic alliance for technological innovation in the high-end construction machinery and core parts industry is a big stroke to drive industrial upgrading

in order to make China's construction machinery truly stand on the top of the world, we should not only solve the problem of hollowing out, but also urgently need to make breakthroughs in intellectualization. Chairman Wang Min has repeatedly stressed that XCMG should walk out of an intelligent manufacturing development path with its own characteristics, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises through intelligent manufacturing, export technologically advanced and indestructible intelligent products, and make up for the shortcomings of the equipment manufacturing industry. The XCMG intelligent manufacturing achievements conference held on the afternoon of the 27th is the best witness to empower industry and make intelligence more high-end

the deep integration of informatization and industrialization is an indispensable part of promoting industrial reform. However, compared with traditional industries, the seemingly emerging integrated application of information technology is actually a no man's land. However, XCMG's independently developed domestic first industrial interconnection big data platform is precisely in this no man's land that transforms the construction machinery industry from production tool products to smart interconnection products, A new business card of information industry! The interconnected big data platform mentioned by Zhang Qiliang, general manager of XCMG Information Co., Ltd., is the Xrea industrial interconnection platform that won the honor of national dual cross industrial interconnection platform in 2018

based on massive data and with the help of core algorithms, XCMG Xrea industrial interconnection platform has become an effective exploration of integrating information technology into traditional industries. Up to now, the cumulative number of equipment imported by the platform has reached 610000, which has been extended to more than 20 countries overseas, serving more than 400 customers, covering more than 60 sub industry fields. In the face of thousands of troops around the world, it can also realize the interconnection between equipment and equipment, equipment and people, and people to people, so that XCMG's international business can be fully extended

the essence of intelligent manufacturing is to provide users with more diversified and higher quality products, and build a new manufacturing system, so as to open up the Ren Du pulse of intelligent manufacturing application. Fu Simin, deputy director of XCMG's information management department, said: one hardware, one software, one platform is XCMG's four-wheel drive to promote intelligent manufacturing. The birth of XCMG's industrial interconnected big data platform solves the key big data platform problem in four-wheel drive, and XCMG's building of an intelligent factory provides a model for the practical application of intelligent hardware, whole process information management and control, and integration. As he said, the automatic welding rate of XCMG's first large-scale intelligent factory in the crane industry in the world has increased from 40% to 90%, and the unqualified rate of products in one-time delivery inspection has been reduced to less than 1%. Advanced intelligent equipment and production lines have laid a solid foundation for XCMG's intelligent factory. XCMG has won the National Heavy honor of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration and industrial interconnection application pilot demonstration, and processed into fly ash with honeycomb microporous structure and containing crystalline water

Innovation led high-end model

throughout this exhibition, 79 ingenious works have attracted attention. XCMG wind power Gemini all terrain crane xca1600 and crawler crane xgc11000, China's first 700 ton hydraulic excavator, the world's largest tonnage xr800e rotary drilling rig, the world's largest tonnage xs365ai self-determination unmanned road roller, the top R & D achievements in the Sino German integration industry, V7 series hb58v concrete pump truck, XCMG x1 new generation sanitation intelligent equipment, the first domestic six arm xzj5092jgkh5 aerial work vehicle intelligent high-end equipment Smart solutions fully demonstrate XCMG's leading strength in innovation and high-end brand

at the exhibition site, the 700 tonnage hydraulic excavator of the first excavation in China, which is up to 3 floors high and the size of a giant blue whale, flexibly displayed its majestic posture on the site. The enthusiastic audience stood shoulder to shoulder and looked at each other. Every move of this giant caused bursts of exclamation from the audience

this 700 ton hydraulic excavator can complete the loading and transportation of more than 30000 tons of coal in 8 hours. The efficient operation efficiency is undoubtedly a major breakthrough for China's mining industry. This product has achieved a breakthrough in the centralized application of key core technologies for the first time, and China has become the fourth country in the world to have the design, R & D and manufacturing capacity of hydraulic excavators of more than 700 tons after Germany, Japan and the United States

in this month, XCMG obtained 805 new patents, 209 invention patents and 11 PCT international patents, achieving new breakthroughs. This year, the national development and Reform Commission released the latest evaluation of more than 1300 national enterprise technology centers across the country. XCMG ranked 46th in the comprehensive evaluation and 1st in the construction machinery industry. Not long ago, XCMG super mobile crane innovation project, together with Fuxing EMU, lanjing-1 new generation ultra deepwater semi submersible drilling platform, and new generation nuclear submarine development, won the China Industrial award, which is also the second time XCMG won the highest award known as OSCA in China's industrial field

these innovative breakthroughs are the solid actions of XCMG to implement the technology leading and indestructible gold standard

at the last BMW Shanghai exhibition two years ago, XCMG took the lead in releasing a very forward-looking and leading gold standard for technology leadership and indestructible action in the industry, calling on the whole industry to take technology leadership and indestructible action as the concept and belief that engineering robots abide by, and become the gold standard for the industry to work together to promote the transformation from made in China to created in China

now, chairman Wang Min further proposed the concept of leading technology, indestructible use, and making products into handicrafts. With the exquisite polish of Swiss watchmakers, this construction machinery enterprise has embarked on a path of quality, efficiency, scale, and sustainable innovation and development. At this BMW exhibition, XCMG ceremoniously released the new achievements of XCMG that are technologically leading and can't be destroyed, systematically interpreted the path of XCMG to promote technological leadership, can't be destroyed in XCMG's landing, the latest achievements of promoting the ten actions, and the specific performance finally implemented in XCMG's products, highlighting XCMG's efforts to create a higher value experience for users, Lead made in China to embark on a new long march to the summit of the global industry Everest

through the continuous ascent of Mount Everest in the technical field, more and more XCMG label XCMG products continue to enter the arena of international industry giants. XCMG exported its first equipment in 1992, and its overseas revenue has increased from less than US $10 million a year to more than US $2.3 billion today. At present, XCMG has four major overseas R & D centers, 15 manufacturing bases, KD factories or joint ventures, 70 subsidiaries and offices, and more than 300 dealers in the world. Its products are exported to 182 countries and regions, covering 63 countries along the the Belt and Road. It has maintained the first place in China's engineering machinery exports for 26 consecutive years. Especially in the automobile industry, the hydraulic technology, once regarded as XCMG's weakness, has made a great breakthrough and has been widely used in mining tunnels, coal mines, oil fields and other fields. It has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States and Japan, and has become the invisible champion of independent core component technology

action group for a better future

while helping global customers become successful, it adheres to XCMG's public welfare value of making the world a better place

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