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X-ray detection system can effectively detect foreign bodies in glass bottles

Mettler Toledo Safeline company has officially launched a new product glasschekquad series - August 26, 2016 - an innovative detection system for detecting high-risk foreign bodies in glass bottles. With the leading technology proved by practice, the X-ray detection system of Mettler Toledo Safeline provides a breakthrough detection scheme


the highly adaptive detection technology enables glasschekquad to have high-speed and reliable foreign body detection capabilities, such as glass, metal and stone, to ensure product quality and safety. Its working principle is that one vertical and three horizontal light sources irradiate the product at the same time, so as to cover the whole area to the greatest extent and avoid the damage at the tank bottom, tank wall and bottleneck. This article comes from Zhonghua packaging bottle, the largest glass bottle trading station in China. Blind area, improve the possibility of detection. The settings of various detection parameters are stored in the same system to ensure the optimal detection accuracy regardless of the size and shape of the bottle. Glasschekquad series X-ray detection system is especially suitable for detecting broken glass in wide mouth bottles, because four light sources can cover all areas to the greatest extent. The system does not need manual adjustment and improves the production efficiency

"foreign matter detection in glass bottles is a very challenging work in higher hard containers, such as tinned and canned products, because the thickness of the bottle wall and bottom has a great impact on the detection results, which may reach 20%," said Dr. Wang, a senior engineer of Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray, "Glasschekquad's software controls the light source irradiating the tank in all directions, and detects the foreign matters that may be contained in the tank itself. This series can be applied to high-speed production lines, and even the speed of 1000 pieces/min can maintain high accuracy. I believe that glasschekquad series X-ray detection system can provide you with excellent detection rate (POD)."

features and benefits

glasschekquad series has a friendly user interface, and the humanized operation menu is convenient for operators to set up products without too much intervention of engineers, which shortens the downtime. The system can also measure the filling volume of products, and realize the automatic switching of various products through the option of code reader, so as to improve the production speed. The unique variable speed scanning function means that the detection speed can be automatically changed according to the speed of the customer's production line, which is widely used in various industries, without manual intervention

glasschekquad meets industrial hygiene standards and is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. Functions such as login permission setting and system log help to establish the database of equipment operation (such as performance test every hour) and realize traceability, such as what changes have been made to the settings and who has made the changes. You must provide 1 material type, etc

the power consumption of this system is very small, so no additional water cooling system is required, which reduces the cost of ownership. At the same time, the system has compact design and small installation space, which is convenient to access any existing production line

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