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X-ray foreign matter detector and other equipment can effectively remove "foreign matter products"

food is easy to mix various impurities in the processing and packaging process, so foreign matter detector such as metal detector and X-ray foreign matter detector have become one of the indispensable equipment

enter the keyword "foreign matter in food" on Baidu, and you will find many incidents of "foreign matter" in food. With the increasing awareness of consumers on food quality and safety, how to use X-ray foreign body detection machine and other equipment to effectively remove "foreign body products" and ensure food quality and safety plays an important role in the sustainable development of food processing enterprises

it is reported that recently, a woman bought a bag of strange flavor beans, opened it for consumption, but ate a "hidden" cigarette end filter, which is unavoidably disgusting. As the corresponding manufacturer did not give a reasonable explanation and solution in time, now the woman has reported to the food and drug administration. According to the relevant provisions of the newly revised food safety law, it is forbidden to produce food and food additives that are filthy, mixed with foreign matters, adulterated, corrupt, moldy, infested or have abnormal sensory properties. It can also reduce power consumption. Otherwise, relevant personnel will be punished according to different circumstances

according to relevant personnel, although these affect the food safety of products and are strictly prohibited, there are essential differences between food mixed with foreign matters and others. Such as adulterated, filthy and unclean food, which is mainly to reduce losses or costs and seek benefits, contains subjective and intentional ingredients, while the foreign matters mixed in the food produced by the latter enterprise are not obvious. So, in the face of people's attention to food quality and safety, as well as the increased awareness of consumer rights protection, how can food processing enterprises avoid foreign bodies mixing into food? Of course, except for enterprises that do it subjectively and deliberately in order to obtain more benefits

let's first look at what foreign bodies exist in general food production and processing, including exogenous foreign bodies and endogenous foreign bodies. The author learned that the former is mostly metal, sand, hair, cigarette butts, paper scraps, glass, plastic, insects, etc., while the latter raw materials and auxiliary materials themselves contain substances, such as garlic peel, potato chips, peel, pepper shell, burnt substances, etc. Whether exogenous Y-axis objects or endogenous foreign objects are inadvertently mixed into food, they will cause certain hazards, such as blocking the trachea, potential quality and safety hazards, and damaging the corporate image

in production, in order to prevent foreign matters from mixing into food, enterprises attach great importance to the foreign matter detection process, and make every effort to ensure the quality and safety of food by strengthening the control of production links and introducing advanced foreign matter detection equipment. The author learned that there are metal foreign matter detectors and X-ray foreign matter detectors on the market, which can be used to detect foreign matters in food

as the name suggests, the metal foreign body detector mainly aims at the detection of metal foreign bodies in food, and adopts phase adjustment technology and effective signal processor to ensure the detection accuracy and stability. It is worth mentioning that the metal foreign matter detector detects a limited variety of foreign matters in food. For example, the "cigarette end filter" in the strange flavor beans mentioned above belongs to non-metallic foreign matters, and the detection effect is not obvious

it is true that the X-ray foreign matter detector has a wide range of detection, which can quickly detect the foreign matter in the strange flavor beans and help enterprises remove the food with foreign matter in time. (2) the certificate number of the evaluation agency: National Environmental Assessment Certificate a No. 1801, so as to prevent the problem food from flowing into the qualified production line and ensure the safety of food delivery. It is understood that the X-ray foreign body detector can detect metallic foreign bodies in food and remove non-metallic impurities. Compared with other products, its detection level is quite advanced

at an Expo held in Qingdao a few days ago, an enterprise showed its new X-ray foreign body detection technology, which won many participants' attention. According to relevant personnel, the detector uses ultra-high resolution images and an external high-definition display screen to make it clear at a glance of the foreign bodies in the food on the production line. More importantly, it can realize flexible switching of multiple working frequencies, meet the diversified detection needs of foreign bodies, and comprehensively ensure food quality and safety

as we all know, if the cold chain logistics industry wants to realize the whole process of cold chain, it is very important to get through the raw aluminum produced by the company and directly convert it into the "last mile" of raw materials required for aluminum deep processing. Looking back at the food processing industry, if we want to ensure that the products leave the factory and ensure the safety of consumers, we also need to control the "last pass" of food safety. The "last pass" of food production safety is the "food inspection pass". Food processing enterprises need the help of professional foreign body detectors to remove products with foreign bodies in time, so as to better ensure the safety of consumers

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