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XCMG 25 tons, how to achieve the classic unbeaten myth

XCMG 25 tons, how to achieve the classic unbeaten myth

rats often go through the wall holes and inlet holes that damage cables. China Construction Machinery Information

there is a saying in the crane industry that "XCMG can't drive bad, and K5 can't be destroyed". The "K5" here is nothing else, that is, XCMG's qy25k5-i. Old drivers all know that XCMG's old 25 tons have been on the market for nearly a decade, and the heat is still no less than that of the past. Even in the second-hand car market, it is difficult to find a car. A four-year-old XCMG qy25k5-i was once sought after to be 100000 higher than the market price, and its product quality and reliability are self-evident

qy25k5-i, also known as the "moon artifact", in today's frequent launch of new cranes, the old qy25k5-i is still in short supply for a reason

this car can fight tough battles and protracted wars. Some friends said that the K5 in their hands has almost no problems all year round, and the drivers working on the construction site do not stop working in shifts. The appearance of the car valve pump that has been used for 3 years is the same as that of the new one, and there is no sign of oil leakage

the chassis parameters of the eight speed transmission, with a climbing slope of 40% and a maximum driving speed of 80km/h, are still not out of date today

the design of the plug-in boom head, which was once patented by the state, was also the only enterprise in the industry to mature the application of this technology at that time. The extended embedded strip slider has a large support area, reduces the contact stress on the inner boom barrel, and the boom has a stronger bearing capacity

the most powerful thing about K5 is its mature hydraulic system, which is the word "stable". The whole hydraulic system can not be affected by the change of the load pressure of the lifting load and the flow of the oil pump, so as to ensure the actual needs of the customer's speed regulation, and adopt the original 6-point calibration technology to further improve the accuracy requirements, ensure the controllability of the lifting action, reduce the heating of the hydraulic system and prolong the service life of the hydraulic system

qy25k5a, the king of cost performance

high performance: five section "U" jib, arm length 10 m. The maximum lifting torque is 1034kn m.

the new power platform is equipped with a 9-speed gearbox. With the continuous deepening of the use of aluminum alloy in the field of automotive lightweight, the maximum speed is 90km/h, and the maximum climbing capacity is 41%

high safety: equipped with ABS anti lock braking system, it can be easily controlled on slippery roads or emergency braking

high yield: the new confluence main valve is skillful in lifting, luffing and arm extension, with high efficiency and stable operation. Save time and benefit efficiently

high economy: the new generation of engine power output, double h nine gear control, full power, double power curve power output, perfectly match the different power needs of boarding and alighting, with strong strength, low cost and more economy

high quality: strong and powerful vehicle shape, fashionable new appearance of cab and control room, well arranged, perfect combination of layering and strength, sleeper design zero distance to meet driving and riding needs, multi-functional rearview mirror design 360 ° to meet your vision requirements

xct25l5, high-end quality, identity symbol

maximum speed: 90km/h

maximum climbing capacity: 45%

length of main boom: 5 sections: 10.8m ~ 42m

maximum length (main boom + auxiliary boom): 51m

maximum lifting height of main boom: 40.7m

maximum lifting height (main boom + auxiliary boom): 50.2m

boom with super large barrel diameter. The arm length is 34.2m, the amplitude is 22m, and the lifting weight is 2.8T

high strength steel structure car body, aluminum alloy walking board

high performance chassis, climbing and off-road, high-speed driving

car level human-computer interaction system

from "K5", "k5a", to xct25, each model is worth more. In fact, as long as there is a good car, there is nothing wonderful about hoisting

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