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High speed, 5-axis driven subnil limbus 170 double head hose filling machine

subnil launched the limbus 170 double head hose filling machine, which is driven by a 5-axis servo system and can process 10000 hoses per hour. The hose loading and hose positioning from the box to the hose clamp are driven by the servo system. The filling pump has a vertical quantitative feeding system, which is helpful for product filling. The pressure regulation function of the filling pump can detect excessive pressure on the dosing system. The servo control can ensure the clean and accurate filling of the system

most stations in the machine are installed in a central panel. This ensures sufficient working space around the hose path. There is a waste station between the sealing station and the timing station, and the hose with excessive heating and poor positioning will not pass through this station. Hoses with poor positioning can be reused without filling or heating

limbus 170 hose filling machine can be connected to subnil Pro 200 cartoning machine and colwrap baling machine in sequence, so that one supplier of subnil can provide a completed hose packaging line

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