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High performance smoothing agent and anti adhesion agent British crode oil chemical company has also developed new products of smoothing agent and anti adhesion agent with natural materials as raw materials. When supplying products, the company also provides technical support to users to help improve the performance of plastics and rubber in the processing and application of polymers such as plastic films and injection molded products

incromold is a special release agent in the food contact license series of Croda company. It is applicable to the injection molding of a variety of polymers. The advantages of the downstream product molding process include continuous release, shortening the molding time, improving the injection yield and reducing the production cost

incroslip is a high-performance smoothing agent approved for food contact, especially with high stability and low odor. It is specially designed according to the requirements of water bottles. 2) the inner rib joints of the following specifications of the equipment meet the application of the outer rib samples of the same specification: M8 × 1, M11 × 1, M14 × 1, M16 × 1, M22 × 1, M32 × 1; Additives are also recommended for other applications with high hygiene requirements, including food packaging and medical plastics

inromax PS is a newly developed additive for polystyrene processing. It is used to reduce the number of lattice surfaces on the material surface and make the data analysis easy, simplify the friction coefficient and demoulding force, improve the surface quality of the final product, and have no negative impact on the color, transparency and other physical properties of the resin. Inromax pet100 is an additive specially developed by Crowe company for pet processing. As a smooth and convenient agent, it can reduce the friction coefficient of materials, make the products easy to separate from the mold, and have no adverse impact on the physical properties of pet

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