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High quality development "smart future"! Innovative city: "soft industry" creates "hard power"

original title: high quality development "smart leading future"! Famous innovation city: "soft industry" creates "hard power"

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intersection news "digital world · smart future". Tomorrow, the 14th China International Software and information services Fair, a grand event with global influence, will arrive as scheduled. After the baptism of the previous 13 software fairs, Nanjing, a famous software city, is glowing with a new atmosphere of a new era. Looking at the development at the grand event node, the development track of Nanjing software industry has taken on a new look

look at the industry. From the initial low value-added software service outsourcing to the later multi-point flowering of "cloud, big, material and mobile", to today's artificial intelligence, virtual reality, information security, future network, 5g... They are also "soft industries" and "gold content" is very different

according to the figures, in 2017, the software business income of Nanjing software and information service industry was 392.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.7%, accounting for 44% of the province, ranking among the best in domestic cities. Nanjing promotes the "primacy" of the economy, and the software industry acts as the "leader"

China (Nanjing) software valley

looking at the coordinates, Nanjing was rated as the first "Chinese software city" in China in 2010. In 2016, Nanjing municipal Party Congress proposed to build an "international software city". In 2017, the Ministry of industry and information technology set up a "demonstration zone" for a software city. China (Nanjing) software Valley and Shanghai Pudong New Area won the "crown" of "famous city" and won the first batch of "demonstration zones" in China

more importantly, in the new era, the tasks, missions and development goals of Nanjing software industry have changed. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the important conclusion that "China's economy has changed from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage". The Third Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee issued a mobilization order for high-quality development. Nanjing has also loudly proposed to build an innovation city with international influence from a long process to a short process. Standing in a new historical position and at an important juncture of kinetic energy transformation, as an important level in the city's "4+4+1" leading industrial system, Nanjing's software industry must take the lead in embarking on the "Huashan Road" of high-quality development

since this year, a series of new trends in the development of Nanjing's software industry have attracted strong attention from the global industry -

in March this year, all districts of Nanjing held a centralized commencement ceremony for major projects. In addition to traditional industrial projects, a large number of new R & D institutions in the "soft field", such as Nanjing Network Security Research Institute of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, Jiangsu 3D Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, Nanjing autonomous real-time operating system technology research institute, and intelligent infrastructure (Nanjing) Technology Research Institute, have been launched, which has become the largest view and put forward a clear division point for the key tasks in the guide

in June this year, Nanjing's scientific and technological innovation industry was "Silicon Valley Investment Bank". During this period, through cooperation with innovation institutions such as the US China International Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley High Tech Innovation Association and overseas Chinese High Tech Association, two high-end project roadshows of artificial intelligence and IOT were held continuously, attracting 20 international top project teams. At the same time, the province's first offshore incubator set up in Silicon Valley has entered the stage of site selection and construction. This will be the fourth Silicon Valley Incubation Platform prepared by the government in China after Zhongguancun, Shenzhen and Zhejiang. A closed oil return valve, an international innovation ecological chain connecting Nanjing to the world innovation highland, has surfaced

recently, the singularity cloud project ranked fifth in the world in the megaface test of the international authoritative massive face recognition database, the industrial interconnection and basic cloud service platform project built by relying on Haier cosmoplat, the first national industrial interconnection demonstration platform, the Nanjing headquarters base project of Inspur Group, the top ten Chinese top 100 electronic information enterprises Sinopec intelligent manufacturing cloud and shared services Nanjing base project... A large number of landmark projects targeting the most cutting-edge fields of the global software industry have successively settled in Nanjing

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"if it is still the traditional low-end service outsourcing, what can we do for others to demonstrate? In the past, the threshold of China's famous software cities was based on the size of the industrial volume, and the" demonstration zone "has a stronger and more tempered leap." Dr. Rongfei, director of high tech industry coordination service bureau of China (Nanjing) software Valley, said that only by resonating with national strategies such as "Internet +", "made in China 2025", "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" and constantly evolving and iterating towards "high-end, intelligent, green and centralized", can we live up to the reputation of "famous city" and "demonstration" and truly lead the high-quality development of the software industry

Chuangye street

the "hard power" of Nanjing's software industry is highlighted by stepping onto a new track of high-quality development. On August 30, I walked into the Nanjing software industry exhibition hall and saw the latest version of the "Panoramic Map" of Nanjing software industry, which spread all over China and touched the world: on the map, there are not only international giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Samsung and sap, but also domestic giants such as ZTE, Huawei, Alibaba, JD, Xiaomi technology and iFLYTEK, and the number of local leaders such as Nari, Suning cloud business, AsiaInfo technology and tuniu technology is rising. As of 2017, there were 4500 software related enterprises in Nanjing, including 30 of the world's top 500 software enterprises and one of China's top 100 software enterprises

"get software in Nanjing and make software in Nanjing -- the iconic slogan of this software city is becoming the same choice for the global innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Project." Said wangshaojun, deputy inspector of Nanjing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology

behind the slogan widely spread in the international software industry, Nanjing directly invests at least 1billion yuan every year to support the development of the software industry. At present, it has built big data and public information service platforms including Nanjing super cloud computing service center, SAP small and medium-sized enterprise information service platform, Nanjing cloud computing center, etc. In addition to the No. 1 document issued by Nanjing municipal Party committee at the beginning of this year, the advantages of "famous software city" and "famous innovation city" are superimposed, forming a strong magnetic field to attract the concentration of software industry development factors worldwide

"this soft Expo focuses on creating the 'five symbols' of famous enterprises, celebrities, famous parks, famous products and famous exhibitions. Nearly 2000 academicians, famous experts and scholars, industry leaders and famous entrepreneurs at home and abroad were invited to Nanjing to gather the global software industry elements and resources more fully and more magnetically!" Wangshaojun said. The world's latest technologies are released here, the best innovation resources are gathered here, the top talents are exchanged here, and the most powerful venture capitalists are not allowed to provide free plastic shopping bags here. All previous software fairs have greatly promoted the software industry in Nanjing, Jiangsu and even China to move forward and run together with the world

Yijiahe robot

in line with the trend of high-quality development and the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in Jiangsu Province, and in response to the needs of the construction of a famous innovation city in Nanjing, this soft Expo takes "digital world · smart leading the future" as the theme, and specially adds exhibition areas such as artificial intelligence, No. 1 document, industrial interconnection, domestic autonomous and controllable software, which will fully display the latest technologies of integration and development of interconnection, IOT, 5g, artificial intelligence, big data, manufacturing and modern service industry Product and application results. It will surely become a "milestone" in Nanjing's new journey of building an innovation city, stepping into an international software city and promoting high-quality development

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