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The high quality development of China's glass industry and the regional market seminar in East and North China were held in Zibo. This meeting is a top leaders' meeting of some manufacturers in East and North China held to implement the spirit of the August 12 Zibo meeting. The meeting aims to explore the current situation and future of the development of the glass industry, and pave the way for the round table meeting of leaders of large enterprises in the industry to be held in Changsha in late October. The participating manufacturers are mainly from Shandong and Hebei, but the glass production capacity involved accounts for 30-40% of the total national production capacity

1. On the evening of the 17th, Mr. Wang Gang, chairman of Jinjing group, made a breakthrough in nylon ring blowing technology. The "big guys" of the glass circle attended the dinner. Zhangbaiheng, President of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, revealed his true feelings at the dinner, and talked freely about his summary of the glass industry in the past three decades and his vision for development in the next ten years

president Zhang said that I am heartbroken that the glass industry has developed to this state, but the problem lies with us. There is no savior in this world. We can only save ourselves. In the past, the development of our industries and enterprises all depended on external opportunities, such as the sharp drop in oil prices, the 4trillion yuan and the real estate pull, environmental protection governance, etc. In the future, such external opportunities will be less and less. There are only two directions for the glass industry. One is laissez faire, resulting in full market competition. The result must be a loss for the whole industry, and then a number of enterprises will die, and the industry will be left alone. The glass industry went back decades, and then foreign-funded enterprises came in to acquire and integrate. The other direction is for the industry to move from self-discipline to autonomy, actively resolve excess capacity, standardize industry development, and promote the benign operation of the industry. There are many ways to do this, such as setting up industrial funds, "eliminating non-standard" and shutting down illegal production lines

president Zhang said that the improvement of the glass market in the past three years, on the one hand, depends on the external market, on the other hand, depends on the industry self-discipline, and various enterprises have in-depth communication and exchange, so that there are no major problems in the whole industry. However, once the real estate industry enters the downward channel and reduces its consumption by 30%, it will no longer be effective if it still relies on self-discipline and coordination. In this case, the healthy development of the industry can only be promoted by relying on self-discipline and autonomy, actively taking measures to resolve excess capacity and solve the long-standing imbalance between supply and demand. President Zhang described the Reform Vision in his mind and the industry blueprint for the next ten years, with goals, paths and responsibilities, which made president Wang Gang exclaim, "the era of zhangbaiheng in the glass industry has really come", and even the CBRC denied that Suning had submitted three cups of banking establishment materials

2. On the morning of the 18th, the leaders of the industry spoke out freely and asked financial institutions not to "cut a knife" or "Zhugeliang meeting". They had a full exchange on the current development status, distress, problems and reform ideas of the industry

since this year, every meeting of the glass industry will inevitably talk about the comparison between the glass industry and the cement industry. The technology content of the cement industry is lower than that of the glass industry, but last year, the annual profit was 180billion, while the glass industry was only 11.6 billion. More than a decade ago, the price of glass was 8 times that of cement, but now it is only 3 times. Ten years ago, the price per ton of steel and glass was almost the same, but now the price of steel is several times that of glass. The change of this situation mainly comes from the adjustment of the supply and demand of the cement industry and the improvement of the industry concentration. The biggest problem in the glass industry is still overcapacity and low industry concentration

therefore, the sustainable and healthy development of the glass industry still needs to solve these problems. President Zhang stressed that the glass industry is still a sunrise industry, and the key is how to solve these problems

for the association, it is still necessary to play the role of industry development planning and policy supervision. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology has organized 10 steering groups to go to the country, which is to investigate and deal with the existing illegal construction production lines, such as "small construction in batches", "inconsistent construction in batches", according to the No. 34 document of the national development and Reform Commission. This time, relevant policies and regulations will be strictly implemented, and the shutdown will be enforced according to law. This will be a leading step towards resolving excess capacity

the second step is still to unswervingly strengthen the implementation of the industry "non-standard elimination". At present, the work of "removing non-standard" has been fully implemented in Northeast China, and the varieties of color glass products are also under strict control. The in-depth implementation of "non-standard elimination" will reduce at least 5% of the country's production capacity. In order to carry out this work, the association will set up an inspection team, which can directly report and feed back to all localities and the State Administration of quality and technical supervision

the third step is to advocate the establishment of an industrial development fund for the glass industry, persuade a number of enterprises to withdraw and give them some economic compensation, so as to improve the overall capacity concentration of the industry through the orderly withdrawal of production capacity

step 4: all enterprises in the industry should be "self disciplined" and take the initiative to reduce production. The capacity utilization rate of the cement industry is only 40%, but it can make a lot of money with less work. All enterprises in the glass industry have made losses. They do not make adjustments and blindly adhere to production, which not only wastes resources and energy, but also has no hope of turning losses around. Instead, it is better to take the initiative to reduce production, break the imbalance between supply and demand, and put the overall production capacity in a slightly short state. In this way, the overall industry price will be increased, and all enterprises in the industry will achieve overall profits

step 5: solve the problem of unfair competition in the industry. Strict industry development norms should be formulated mainly from the aspects of energy consumption indicators, environmental protection indicators, quality and taxation. Enterprises in the industry should recognize the authority and leadership of industry associations in the formulation and inspection of industry rules, inspect and notify enterprises with speculative behavior, and report to relevant national departments for investigation and punishment

step 6: through technology, capital and other means, we can promote the merger and reorganization of the industry or mutual equity participation, gradually reduce the number of industry enterprises, and achieve the improvement of industry concentration. President Zhang envisions that in the next decade, the number of enterprises in the glass industry will not exceed 10. The participants believed that there would be a climax of integration in these three to five years

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