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High speed drawing frame based on Delta Mechatronics Technology Abstract: This paper introduces the process automation design principle of the new high speed drawing frame. The project is an economic and mature control system composed of delta man-machine interface, ES series programmable controller, a series servo system and E series frequency converter. The project has been successfully applied to drawing frame in textile machinery factory

key words: drawing frame system integration HMI PLC frequency converter

1 introduction

drawing process in cotton spinning engineering is the key process of modern spinning technology to improve spinning quality. The raw material input for the drawing process is the "green sliver" with the primary form of sliver from the front carding process section, and the finished product of the drawing process is the "cooked sliver" treated by the four processes of blending, drawing, mixing and slitting. The "cooked sliver" is usually delivered to the back-end roving frame after being coiled. The key technology of Mechatronics drawing frame is to solve the contradiction between drawing speed and drawing quality, and to process "green sliver" well and quickly

the automatic high-speed drawing frame developed in this project is mainly used for combing, carding, chemical fiber and blending processes below 76mm, so as to improve the evenness of long sliver segments and the straightness and parallelism of fibers, and make the fibers of different quality mixed more evenly in sliver. Generally used in the next process of comber, it has good sliver quality, especially in reducing weight unevenness and improving CV (mixing uniformity) value of sliver. Its quality index meets or exceeds the requirements of relevant national standards, which is of great help to the yarn quality of subsequent roving frames, spinning frames and automatic winders

2 process principle

drawing process is briefly summarized as 4 functions: blending, drawing, mixing and forming. Due to the large unevenness of sliver produced by carding machine, the fiber arrangement is disordered, and the direct spinning quality is very poor. The above steps can effectively improve the evenness of sliver, that is, the fiber state

Union. The root sliver is fed into the drawing mechanism to form a sliver

drafting. The quantitative

mixing of cooked sliver can be effectively controlled by stretching the sliver to the original extent and changing the fiber state at the same time. The method of repeated mixing is used to further realize the mixing of single fibers, ensure the uniform composition of sliver, and stabilize the yarn quality. The finished sliver is placed in the sliver barrel regularly with the coiling disc, which is convenient for 1. The force value of the experimental machine is measured and transported through the force measuring sensor, amplifier and data processing system for the next process.

3 project design

3.1 design overview

at present, the design speed of the new domestic high-speed drawing frame is generally M/min or above, and the actual driving speed is mostly M/min, At present, most of the new domestic high-speed drawing frames are made with double eyes, and a few are made with single eye structure, but most of them are equipped with Switzerland Uster self leveling system. The new high-speed drawing frame has made great electrical changes, cancelled some original mechanical structures, and used a large number of electrical controls to greatly improve the performance of the machine. The appearance of the new high-speed drawing frame is shown in Figure 1

3.2 design items

binocular output; Suitable spinning fiber 22-76mm; Maximum mechanical speed 800m/min; The open-loop control self leveling system is adopted to realize the self leveling of short segments, which can improve the unevenness of sliver and the cv% value of sliver, and process high-quality sliver; A large number of synchronous belt drives are used to realize "no gap" transmission, with low noise, stable drafting and reduced unevenness of sliver; The left and right eyes are separately driven except for the automatic cylinder change, which can eliminate the interference to the drafting drive; Three upper and three lower guide rollers are attached to the pressure bar for double zone curve drafting. The upper cleaning adopts rotary flannelette belt or floating metal rod, and the lower cleaning adopts reciprocating nitrile scraper cleaning device; There are two ways of pressurization: pneumatic pressurization and spring pressurization, which can be selected by users, and the gas pressurization pressure can be adjusted; By using programmable logic controller (PLC), touch screen display, variable frequency speed regulation and other technologies, the central network interface is reserved, so the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is a high-precision experimental instrument with the combination of light, machine and electricity; Variable frequency speed regulation of main motor can realize stable start, adjustable acceleration and deceleration time, and self select the best starting state; LCD touch screen display to realize man-machine dialogue, with Chinese and English options; The lifting and lowering of the pressure cradle is completed by the air cylinder, operated by the button, and the four tension drafting of the loop bar, the front area, the rear area and the guide bar can realize multi-level adjustment, and there is no key connection, which improves the spinnability; The air suction, upper and lower pipes are respectively connected with the cotton suction box by separate air pipes. The cotton box automatically pulls the cotton to keep the air suction uniform, and the air suction effect will not be affected due to the excessive accumulation of cotton; It has the functions of automatic cotton stripping, automatic pressure relief, automatic cylinder change, automatic lubrication, etc. it eliminates the process change wheel, and the maintenance and operation are simple and convenient; The automatic cylinder change is equipped with a positive bar breaking mechanism, which has reliable function; The processing technology of key parts is advanced, and the adoption of high precision is the guarantee of high-quality sliver; The appearance of the product is novel and beautiful

4 high speed drawing frame based on one general electronic universal experimental machine with the spatial structure of up pull down press up electromechanical integration technology

the new high speed drawing frame adopts a full series of delta electromechanical integration technology to realize the process control process of a single automation platform. The control system block diagram is shown in Figure 2. In the project, dvp60es00r2 PLC is responsible for controlling the operation of the whole machine, and dopa57gstd or dopas57bstd touch screen is equipped. RS232 communication mode is adopted between PLC and touch screen, and Chinese and graphical symbols are used to display the output Strip speed Speed Fixed length Shift and other parameters, as well as real-time display of faults, make the control more humanized, which is not only conducive to the operation of the whole machine, but also convenient for management. The data exchange and communication control between PLC, servo driver and E-Series frequency converter are realized through modbusrs485

Figure 2 control system block diagram

the main drive of the machine is that the first roller uses Delta vfd055e43a frequency converter to drive the variable frequency motor, and the speed signal is sent to the later stage Delta asda1521ma servo drive device through Delta escg6941 optical encoder, and the second and third rollers are driven by the servo motor, The servo receives the encoder pulse signal, and the PLC sends the command to change the servo electronic gear ratio through the Modbus bus mode according to the calculation results of the difference between the standard ration and the detection ration, so as to achieve the purpose of dynamically changing the drafting ratio until the detection ration meets the national standard process requirements

the previous models of the project are based on single board computer control, digital tube display, troublesome system operation interface, and the stability of the electronic control system leads to frequent replacement of circuit boards. Now, Delta's human-computer interface, ES series programmable controller, frequency converter, servo driver, encoder, etc. are applied to the drawing frame control, which greatly improves the reliability of the machine. Because the previous heavy and heavy tooth gear mechanical device is no longer required, the total drafting multiple can be changed only by dynamically changing the servo electronic gear ratio, so that the machine system is simple and reliable, and the operation and maintenance are simple, When changing the sliver type, the drafting multiple is self-adaptive adjusted by the machine, which reflects the advantages of delta product integration on OEM equipment. It has a wide range of storage and display contents, self leveling, tension control, and easily realizes the system functions such as automatic statistics of shift/total output, data storage in power failure, etc

5 conclusion

since the model was successfully tried out in Jiangsu Jiangyin Yuhua Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. in May 2007, due to the good cost performance of the product, it has been widely promoted and applied in many domestic textile enterprises such as Fujian Jinyuan textile/Sichuan Tianjiao textile/Jingmen textile. Up to now, more than 120 sets of machines have been put into commercial use, and the product market will be recognized and welcomed by the mills. The market response is good, It has brought remarkable economic benefits to the textile machinery factory. (end)

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