How to choose and buy solid wood desk maintenance

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In life, we have seen many types of desks, which should be solid wood desks. Because solid wood desks not only have good texture, but also are environmentally friendly and durable, they are favored by many people. Today, I will bring you how to choose and maintain solid wood desks. The selection of desks is very important. Let's see what good skills are in choosing desks

how to choose a solid wood desk

1 Ensure safety

it is very important to buy solid wood desks for safety. The lines of solid wood desks should be smooth and smooth, and it is best to have round edges. In addition, you can shake it hard when you buy it, and the structure is loose. If you want to shake the furniture, you must not want it

2. High cost performance

ask about materials before purchasing. At present, there are many materials on the market, such as ash, walnut, beech and so on. These materials have high strength, high impact toughness, high compressive strength and good bending performance

3. Accurate and appropriate

before purchase, reserve a place for the solid wood desk and determine the size; In addition, the collocation of colors is also a very important factor. Furniture with bright colors and special appearance is very beneficial to the development of intelligence and the stimulation of creativity

4. Pay attention to details

when buying, pay attention to whether the solid wood desk has cracks, scars and other problems. In addition, ensure that the connection position is firm, the drawer or cabinet door moves freely, and the screws are solid

solid wood desk maintenance method

1 Avoid removing stains with alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents

if there are stains on the surface, you can't wipe them vigorously. You can gently remove the stains with warm tea, then apply a little light wax, and gently rub them several times to form a protective film

2. Avoid scratching with hard objects

at ordinary times, pay attention not to collide with solid wood desks with hard metal products, and protect the surface from bruises

3. Avoid damp environment

if the room is wet, you can use thin glue to separate the parts of the furniture that contact the ground, so that the part of the solid wood desk against the wall can maintain a gap of 0.5-1cm from the wall

4. Avoid direct sunlight

avoid sunlight on solid wood desks. You can place solid wood desks where the sun cannot shine, or block the sun with curtains

editor's summary: This is how to choose and maintain solid wood desks. Have you learned more about this aspect after reading it? I hope it can help you. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to information





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