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The color and personality of life completely depend on your own understanding. The colorful presentation of home furnishings is like seeing a dreamy color, which is cherished in a gentle space. Now let's have a look with the embroidered Jiangnan art wall cloth

embroidering Jiangnan

clothing technology

Master of hand feeling

lust is a culture. In ancient times, there was king Xuan of Qi: "I have illness, and I am lecherous.". Lust in the new era society is a kind of love and longing for moving beauty, but there are only gentlemen and villains. Lust is not only for people, but also for cities and even more so for families

red pear color

among the popular colors in 2019, "red pear color" is particularly prominent and has a high voice. "Red pear color" is often used in the scene of taking clothes out of the cold palace. Zhou Xun's costume design and beauty products, "Ruyi mouth red number" in Ruyi biography quickly swept the Internet, which is "red pear color"! Advanced colors not only enhance the color, but also highlight the aura

in the design of the overall home, "red pear color" is one of the quite good colors, which is less flamboyant and enthusiastic, and adds a bit of rich and profound elegance and nobility

Nebula blue

pantone calls it "a thoughtful, optimistic Twilight blue." Nebula blue is like a shining light in the vast starry sky, full of pleasant conjectures like a dream. Ruyi, dressed in Nebula blue, shows more brilliant beauty

you can feel the Milky way like color feast without leaving home. Starry lights are most suitable for creating elegant and smart temperament home. This is probably the reason why many literary and artistic young people are keen on blue

Ceylon yellow

delicious and spicy add an exotic flavor. Ceylon yellow is an exciting color, just like the queen Fucha played by Dong Jie in Ruyi Zhuan, who fell in love with her when she smiled

in autumn and winter, a touch of Ceylon yellow can immediately make the cold home a scenic spot; A touch of Ceylon yellow shows us the exotic visual elements in the best posture, warm and elegant

olive brown

smooth, gentle and elegant Brown adds depth to autumn and winter 2019. The low-key olive brown integrated into the home brings a retro artistic conception and sharp modern feeling

olive brown, which is full of internal temperament, is more suitable to match with light mature style to create a mature and calm temperament room. If it is mixed with warm colors such as jumping red, yellow and orange, it can produce unexpected visual beauty

red orange

the bright red orange sweeps away the dullness of the cold season, and will definitely be a warm color with great heat in autumn and winter. The bright color and strong visual impact are the reasons why many big brands choose red orange as the design color. A touch of red orange lip makeup instantly brings out Qi for Ruyi to deal with Gong Dou

when decorating the room, keep the stunning visual effect of red orange and match it with mild and calm tones to balance the visual sense. Red orange is used as decoration, and there is no need to render too much

the color and personality of life completely depend on your own understanding. The colorful presentation of home furnishings is like seeing dreamy colors, which are cherished in a gentle space

the embroidered Jiangnan art wall fabric adheres to the business philosophy of "health, happiness and happiness", pays close attention to product quality, combines the original latest technology with the traditional manufacturing technology of wall fabric, and uses high-end raw materials to produce a distinctive top-level seamless wall fabric. With our focus and expertise, our products are now deeply sought after by the market and consumers, making the "embroidered Jiangnan" brand into thousands of households

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