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Aluminum alloy swing doors are very common in home decoration. Suifu doors and windows have noticed their own advantages and are favored by owners. So when we choose aluminum alloy swing door, what should we know? Come and have a look with Suifu doors and windows

opening mode

the aluminum alloy swing door suitable for the opening direction should be selected in combination with the home pattern design. Determine the opening direction and angle inside and outside the reserved place occupied by the door. The fixed position of the swing door shaft can be selected according to the habits of the owner and the arrangement of goods

profile thickness

profile of aluminum alloy swing door has high strength and is not easy to be corroded and deformed. In general use, the service life of the swing door with aluminum alloy profile thickness reaching the standard is longer

process technology

the aluminum alloy flush door frame and leaf structure should be firm and tight, open flexibly, and close evenly. The quality of casement window also depends on its welding and splicing process level. The processing precision should be high, and the splicing part should be flat

quality of accessories

although the floor area of aluminum alloy swing door accessories is small, the role of each component can not be ignored. Especially in toilets with high frequency of use, the quality of accessories is more important to withstand the erosion of water vapor

sealing effect

aluminum alloy swing door should adopt good sealing materials according to the design requirements. The sealing strip shall be firmly connected with the glass and frame leaf. The swing door with excellent overall sealing performance can weaken the transmission of sound and has a certain degree of privacy

the waterproof and easy to clean aluminum alloy swing door is more compatible with the bathroom. Suifu doors and windows are selected The aluminum alloy swing door can enjoy a better home experience




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