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Sliding door franchisees have been all over the country, and the battlefield of sliding door industry has been in full swing. Success requires a little more than others: to stand out from the cruel business sea, push-pull door franchisees need to pay more efforts. Push-pull door franchisees have been all over the country, and the battlefield of the push-pull door industry has been in full swing. Success requires a little more than others: to stand out from the cruel business sea, push-pull franchisees need to make more efforts and do more. Among them, four store management strategies are indispensable. Next, Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows will reveal four necessary store management strategies for you, and add success wings to your sliding door franchise store

first, flexible and distinctive display

a good franchise store with sliding doors naturally attracts many customers, such as window display, in store display and point of purchase advertising. The window displays of well operated franchised stores shall be changed at least once every two months, with a distinctive theme each time. The display in the store also needs to be consistent with the theme of the window display. The overall display changes once a month, and the important sample display is best changed once every 10 days. Only when there is change can there be freshness, and customers are more likely to be attracted by you. In addition, the front of the franchise store with sliding doors should be kept clean and tidy at all times. Pop advertisements and promotional notices should be creative and attractive, so that customers are willing to enter your store

second, talent recruitment and training

in any enterprise, talent is indispensable. Excellent talents are particularly important in the sliding door industry. In sliding door franchise stores, employees' flexible sales skills, rich sliding door professional knowledge and enthusiastic and positive working attitude can help sliding door franchise stores attract and retain customers. Therefore, attracting and training talents has become the most important work of franchise stores of sliding door manufacturers in addition to sales

after talents are recruited, they still need to "recharge" knowledge at all times. In daily work, franchisees of sliding doors need to regularly train shop assistants to increase their product knowledge and sales skills, so as to better serve the franchised stores. At present, many sliding door brands (including Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows) have some clerk training activities, which I believe will significantly promote the development of enterprises and stores

III. active and diverse publicity

it is difficult to have satisfactory sales without good publicity and promotion. Promotional information delivery, community fixed-point publicity, fraternity meetings of specific groups, old with new and other publicity methods can bring unexpected results to your door and window store. Sliding door franchise stores can publicize through the following methods:

1. Publicize through films and television, newspapers and magazines, and hanging large posters in downtown areas

2. Try to make promotional leaflets, one part of which is placed in the store for customers to read, and the other part can be distributed in downtown and communities

3. Arrange posters in the window in front of the store. Try to cover the whole window with large posters, so as to fully attract the attention of customers

4. Through the transmission of word-of-mouth, the old customers lead the new customers to the sliding door agency store for consultation and purchase

5. Tangible publicity through small gifts: such as giving out some small gifts printed with the store logo, etc

IV. well planned activity planning

activities held by exclusive stores can include anniversary celebrations, promotional activities, new product promotion, etc. The celebration activities of the sliding door franchise store are very important marketing promotion, so the sliding door franchise store should make great efforts in the overall planning and preliminary preparation, and be sure to make a complete plan from the publicity to the detailed rules of the activity, so as to improve the first impression of customers and visitors. The promotional activities of the franchise stores of brand sliding doors can only be obtained at a discount. Planned promotional activities can greatly improve the flow of people in the store, and then improve the sales volume of sliding doors

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