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installing glass door locks is one of the indispensable items in modern office decoration. With the enhancement of people's aesthetic and safety awareness, I believe many people want to know more about the knowledge related to the intelligent lock of glass doors. Today, we will take you to see which kind of fingerprint lock is better for glass doors, as well as some installation precautions

nowadays, smart locks appear in many TV dramas and important security occasions. As an important tool of home security, smart lock has been accepted and selected by more and more people. However, the smart locks on the market are mainly divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic. Many small white level buyers cannot distinguish between fully automatic and semi-automatic

semi automatic lock uses password, fingerprint, etc. after unlocking, it also needs to manually twist the door lock and then open it. The real fully automatic lock is like the fully automatic glass lock with a wide audience. It can be opened with only one finger, a card, a password, or a remote control without twisting the door lock

now come to unpack the latest c711 automatic glass intelligent lock of SiGe. The brand name of SiGe is not only pleasant, but also the electronic lock developed by SiGe has the characteristics of high appearance value, intelligent security, internal and external repair. I don't know. Now let's share the unpacking experience and see the true face of SiGe 711

Sego c711 glass door lock is available in 3 common colors: Black Bronze, champagne gold and beige silver. The overall appearance design style is very similar to that of iPhone apple, which is minimalist and light luxury

the packaging of SiGe is quite atmospheric. The white bottom box is lined with a simple black and red logo, plus red and light gray color blocks, coupled with the main features in Chinese and English, which is refreshing and concise. After unpacking, you can see that the c711 glass smart lock is composed of the upper cover and the lower cover of the pearl cotton foam box. The door lock and lock accessories, batteries, IC cards, instructions, etc. are embedded in the corresponding small lattice, which can ensure that there is no risk in the transportation process

the slogan "SiGe fingerprint lock, your safe lock" on the packaging box relieves your worries

next, let's take a look at all the members of the SiGe glass lock c711: the front panel of the door lock, the rear panel, the opposite side U-clip, two metal backing plates with 3M strong glue, and also include: instructions, installation instructions, four 5 # batteries, three IC cards, and screw accessory kits. The small rectangular IC card with SiGe circular logo looks very beautiful. The instructions and high-frequency IC card are also packaged in transparent film bags, which is very considerate

the front panel of the first eye of the glass lock is made of zinc alloy, lined with black acrylic with obvious texture, with a small square semiconductor collector, and a breathable milky white circular ring lamp band, which is very novel. The periphery of the panel is clear metal plating and wiredrawing lines, and the U-shaped bracket with glass in the middle adopts matte oil spray technology. The overall parts look exquisite, and should be carefully treated. It feels smooth and delicate with hands, which is very textured

there is a lock closing mark in the lower left corner of the key area on the front panel of the glass lock, which is a multi-function key for manual locking. When it is set to the normally open state or unlocked normally open state, you can use this key to close the lock and release the normally open state

the display area with OLED has been adhered to by SiGe since the first fingerprint lock. From the perspective of humanization, it is very necessary, because human vision precedes hearing, and can receive and process information faster. The display screen is set between the lower part of the acquisition head and the upper part of the key. The coil of card swiping is around the display screen, but the card swiping prompt is set on the left of the display screen. Friends, don't misunderstand

doorbell function is very necessary for office. When a visitor comes, you can ring the doorbell. Of course, since there is a loudspeaker for doorbell, SiGe also adds the voice prompt function of real people. When registering and other operations, those with good eyesight can operate faster by looking at the display screen, while those with poor eyesight, such as the elderly, can listen to voice operations, although slowly, they can also complete the operation. For users, whether using the display screen or listening to voice, there is an additional choice. Why not

the main ways of opening the door with this glass lock are: fingerprint opening, password opening, swiping card opening, and doorbell function. The fingerprint unlocking function of SiGe glass lock adopts the mobile phone flat-panel design, and the small square semiconductor acquisition head is very adaptable. Combined with the third generation visual fingerprint registration and identification algorithm independently developed by SiGe, 360 degree authentication, and the latest intelligent update and self-learning technology, users can have a better experience in the process of registration and use

the user capacity of sige-1 lock reaches 150, and it adopts three-level permission management. Under each ID number, such as administrator 001, ordinary user 006 and temporary user 141, you can set fingerprints, passwords or cards respectively. Of course, you can only enter any of these permissions, depending on your mood or preferences

the password opening function of SiGe adopts the popular virtual digit password technology. You can press 18 digits continuously at most, as long as the 6 consecutive passwords in the middle are the correct door opening passwords. Press enter to confirm after entering. Such password technology can prevent others from peeping or following, so as to prevent password theft

SiGe's IC card unlocking function: it uses a high-frequency M1 card, that is, a high-frequency induction card with the same frequency of 13.56MHz as a bank card. This high-frequency IC card has a higher security factor than conventional magnetic cards and ID cards, and is not easy to copy

look at the figure below. What functions and key areas are set on the inner panel of SiGe glass fingerprint password lock

the top is the battery area. SiGe uses four No. 5 alkaline batteries. According to the technicians, it can test 10000 times to open the door continuously at most. Xiaobian calculated one. What kind of concept is this? If the average number of door openings is 20 times a day, it is 600 times a month, 7300 times a year, and four batteries can be used for more than a year. This also fully reflects the technical research and development ability of SiGe. The research on low-power design is relatively thorough

at the back of the battery, SiGe has reserved external interfaces such as smart home. Through this 3pin interface, it can extend the functions of remote control, wechat unlocking, mobile app unlocking, Bluetooth operation, and temporary password management of the apartment. It seems to be really powerful

the lower round knob is used to manually open and close the door. Although SiGe adopts Hall element + magnetic induction to realize the function of automatic door closing, it also reserves mechanical buttons in the door. Friends who are not interested in automatic door opening and closing can use the manual function, just like the car's hand self-contained function, manual pull-out also has the pleasure of manual

the technicians of the manual pull-out Department of this circular button say that it adopts the anti outdoor opening design, which I don't quite understand. Interested enthusiasts can study its practicality

of course, this indoor emergency knob has another function. When the electronic unlocking system fails, you can use the manual knob button to unlock the door mechanically indoors, so that you can get out of danger in case of fire and other emergencies

I don't know if you have noticed that this glass lock is very special in the lock tongue, which is not a traditional scheme. General electronic locks for glass doors use two cylindrical locking tongues, while SiGe uses a cylindrical tongue plus a hook tongue structure, which is full of creativity. It is said that it has also applied for a patent. Then, what are the benefits of this hook tongue? Xiaobian consulted the after-sales technicians and said that it has two functions: one is that it can also be used as a sliding door function, and the other is that the strength is better than the ordinary cylindrical tongue

it is worth mentioning that SiGe's unique 360o fingerprint registration algorithm: the general fingerprint lock will store 2-3 fingerprint templates during registration, while SiGe's method can store 5-10 fingerprint templates, which can be optimized and spliced by the fingerprint algorithm to maximize the collection of more fingerprint areas, so as to store more fingerprint feature points, and the security and convenience of use can be greatly improved. I can see how many fingerprint features you have entered. Do friends want to experience it

when unlocking, you can put your fingers sideways, horizontally or vertically. It turns out that there are so many postures when you open a lock

SiGe's fingerprint lock also has many intimate functions, such as security mode, Chinese and English switching, temporary users, normally open function, automatic normally open function, as well as installation skills. I'll introduce them to you next time




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