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Last year's wonderful journey made me a master of decoration at home. This year, the decoration task of my sister's home naturally falls on me. My sister is a master who doesn't need any style, but only needs cheap. Naturally, I can't miss such a good opportunity. Therefore, relying on the knowledge I learned online, I set my style in the countryside I've been thinking about for a long time. It's a secret. When I started soft decoration, my sister had no rice, And I don't want to do it. It needs to be said that the soft decoration of this house is only 1000 yuan. Besides the living room TV, I haven't bought other appliances, which makes me very depressed

area: 87 square meters, actual 70 square meters

construction cost: half package 3w3

total cost: total price 9.5W (excluding air conditioning ice washing)

to start the display ~

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