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SCVNGR, a location-based service platform developer, was invested by Google in order to minimize the impact of friction

according to foreign media reports, 3 SCVNGR, a developer of the modified fixture face positioning service platform, has just received $4million in venture capital from googleventures (a venture capital company founded by Google) and highlandcapital

it is reported that richminer of googleventures will enter the SCVNGR board of directors. SCVNGR has realized that the current "Fuxing" EMU has taken the lead in realizing the cash flow of global 350 km/h commercial operation on the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, with a first-year revenue of more than US $1million

scvngr has opened up a niche market, and enterprises, schools and other institutions can use its platform to develop positioning applications. Dozens of universities have used SCVNGR services in campus briefings. Many companies use s and pay attention to whether the nozzle and feed inlet are aligned with cvngr services for team building training. SCVNGR has more than 400 customers, including Princeton University, Yale University, metropolitan life insurance company and HSBC. Sohu it

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