Two big supermarkets decided to reduce the use of

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Two major supermarkets have decided to reduce the use of plastic products

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core tip: Vitros announced that it will stop using black plastic packaging to prepare for installation by the end of this year; Produce own brand meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. And by the end of 2019, the ban will be extended to all products

[China Packaging News] Vitros announced that it would stop using black plastic packaging to produce its own brand of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables by the end of this year. And by the end of 2019, the ban will be extended to all products

Alans, who sells Tesco products in the Channel Islands, promised to follow the leading position of British retailers and replace all disposable handbags with "lifelong bags", which are more durable and customers can replace them free of charge

Iceland announced last week that it would terminate its own brand products by 2023. Such design concepts and achievements have also made a strong demonstration for the textile industry and the footwear industry on how to carry out ecological innovation and transformation in the future. All plastic packaging used has been used, and recyclable paper bags have been introduced

Vitros said in a statement that the company promised to use recyclable packaging as much as possible by 2025, which is the first supermarket to promise to stop using hard to recycle black plastic. Alans spokesperson said that a lifetime bag made of 94% recycled plastic would be provided to support community projects across the Channel Islands

he added: "since the promotion of reducing plastic bags, the number of disposable plastic bags has decreased by 83%. It is expected that the sales of reusable plastic bags will decrease by 25%

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