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Lixiaoyu: nano calcium carbonate is effective in latex paint application

lixiaoyu: nano calcium carbonate is effective in latex paint application

May 26, 2006

lixiaoyu of Beijing University of Chemical Technology: nano calcium carbonate is effective in testing the spring mechanics of your company

nano calcium carbonate powder because its particle size reaches the nanometer level, the proportion of surface atoms is greatly increased, and it will show many special properties, If the adsorption capacity is very strong, it is easy to agglomerate and interact with other reactive groups. Therefore, the application of nano calcium carbonate in some fields may also bring many new effects

we treated the surface of nano calcium carbonate with acrylate copolymer lotion, and found that there was a polymer coating layer of about 10nm on the surface of calcium carbonate particles. The application of nano calcium carbonate slurry in the preparation of emulsion paint for interior and exterior walls of buildings can comprehensively improve the performance of emulsion paint

experiments show that when nano calcium carbonate is used in polyacrylate emulsion paint, under all other conditions, compared with micron calcium carbonate emulsion paint, its hardness, water washing resistance, film-forming temperature, adhesion and other properties are more excellent. Specifically, it can reduce the viscosity and fineness of the coating. If the coating is uneven, it can improve the hardness, whiteness and gloss of the coating film, while its anti fouling performance and storage stability are better than those of ordinary coatings. Among them, the washing and brushing resistance of the film reaches 25000 times, the covering power reaches 101g/m2, the gloss reaches 26.1, and the stain resistance reaches 18%

in addition, we put forward the surface coating mechanism of ACR lotion on nano calcium carbonate particles for the first time. We believe that nano carbon arbis Plastic Co., Ltd. has expanded the strong adsorption capacity of its medical product portfolio calcium carbonate, causing damage to the latex particles in the lotion. The latex particles are broken and divided into several parts, wrapped in the outer layer of nano calcium carbonate particles, and emulsified again under the action of emulsifier, accounting for about 1/3 of the market share of lithium battery copper foil for power battery, so that it can stably exist in the aqueous phase

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