The best fire is the success of Anshi Asia Pacific

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Ansai Asia Pacific and the Ordnance Equipment Research Institute of China Ordnance Group successfully signed a contract

how to implement the prevention idea and closed-loop management concept of quality management into the R & D process is a common problem faced by R & D-oriented scientific research institutions. 1. After the initial force is eliminated, the tensile machine must hold the application of crystal thickness

China weaponry and equipment research institute is an overall scientific research unit focusing on military research to speed up product upgrading. Its R & D is characterized by multiple varieties and small batches. Especially in recent years, there are more and more scientific research varieties and scientific research topics, and the requirements for product structure and quality are higher and higher, gradually tending to the development direction of high, precision, high-end, special and specialized. The quality information of the R & D process is also expanding rapidly. How to optimize, integrate and use the quality information of the R & D process and give full play to the role of quality management in risk early warning and process control in the whole process of R & D activities has also become an urgent issue for the Institute

for this reason, China Ordnance Equipment Research Institute and Beijing Anshi Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. of data preservation interface have repeatedly communicated, negotiated and discussed, and finally planned and formed a quality management information system solution for the R & D process. In january2014, it officially signed a contract with Ansai Asia Pacific for the quality informatization project of weapons equipment platform

through the construction and application of this project, on the one hand, risk assessment, monitoring and closed-loop management of R & D quality can be realized. On the other hand, we will truly implement the quality management concept and quality requirements into every R & D activity, cultivate the conscious quality behavior of R & D personnel, and promote the overall improvement of the quality management level of the Institute

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