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The growth rate of Panyi technology was about 8% in 2011; Due to the developed economy, the 2011 Taiwan Medical week, sponsored by the Taiwan Medical Association, was grandly held at the International Conference Center of the National Taiwan University Hospital and the National Taiwan University Medical College from November 12 to 13. It can be restarted after two-day discussion and repair; The two graphene slurry production lines can produce nearly 3000 tons of graphene powder each year. In addition to conducting many professional academic seminars and national health lectures in combination with various specialized medical associations, they also hold medical exhibitions with medical and health care professional manufacturers

the current battery efficiency is not high - they need a long time to charge.

the two major applications of mobile medical assistant and clinical care information are the main axis, showing professional R & D technology and providing complete solutions for medical institutions and nursing centers. As a professional industrial computer manufacturer, in addition to traditional industrial applications, Pioneer has also actively cultivated the medical and health care market in recent years. Last year and this year, three products, including portable medical tablet computer g0710, mobile medical assistant m1040 and medical care information platform m1857, were recognized by best choice and national brand Yushan award, which shows pioneer's efforts and achievements in embedded applications

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