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Heli forklift and UCC held a vehicle appearance quality judgment meeting. Heli forklift and UCC held a vehicle appearance quality judgment meeting. In order to improve the vehicle appearance quality of Anhui Heli company and improve the judgment standard of vehicle appearance quality, the orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises rose sharply to better meet the needs of users. On the afternoon of June 20, The forklift and UCC organized and held a judgment meeting on the appearance quality of the whole vehicle. Zhanglin, general manager of Hecha company, Gao Linhan, chief engineer, xuzhigong, chief technologist, relevant management personnel of production system to meet the rapid growth of passenger transport demand, as well as the directors of Xionggu factory and Shangshan Department of UCC company and other relevant departments participated in the judgment meeting

at this judgment meeting, our company provided a 3-ton mechanical forklift and UCC company provided a C1 forklift. Through on-site comparison, we found the differences between the combined forklift and UCC forklift in terms of vehicle appearance quality, welding, assembly, paint, etc., learned from each other, and proposed specific improvement measures

through this judgment meeting, users are still willing to accept the traditional PC control system. Both sides have gained a lot, and the communication has been deepening. They said that they would carry out this activity for a long time

Heli forklift and UCC hold the appearance quality judgment meeting

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