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Environmental protection and functional diatom mud "cure both symptoms and signs"

environmental protection and functional diatom mud "cure both symptoms and signs"

March 7, 2017

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the most feared thing about decorating a new house is decoration pollution, especially formaldehyde, which is impossible to prevent! But for users, have they figured out where the indoor formaldehyde pollution comes from? This is the top priority! Only by thoroughly solving the problem of formaldehyde pollution from the source can we better ensure the environmental protection and health of the home. It is suggested to use diatom mud for decoration, which can reduce formaldehyde release from the source. Both the money and energy spent will be far lower than the later treatment cost

for most users, this kind of hardness test is the most simple and easy method in mechanical performance test. It can spend more than 10000 yuan to lay the floor, 20000 yuan to buy a bed and a set of sofa. However, for wall decoration, the selected wall material is either emulsion paint or wallpaper! But have you thought about it? The wall occupies five sixths of your whole family, nearly 85% of the space area! No doubt, once your choice of wall decoration materials is wrong according to experts, the wall will become the largest source of formaldehyde, benzene and other decoration pollution in your home! As I know, latex paint and wallpaper are important sources of indoor formaldehyde pollution. So why don't I choose the diatom mud wall decoration scheme that can eliminate the source, integrate the late treatment, and address both the symptoms and root causes? It is natural to recommend diatom mud as environmental protection wall material to all users here because diatom mud has environmental protection function that other conservative wall materials cannot reach

environmental protection function of diatom mud

first, diatom mud is mainly made of diatomite, which does not need to use natural water source during the operation of natural equipment. It is natural, environment-friendly and pollution-free, which solves the problem of 85% of household space from the source to prevent the release of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases

secondly, as a decorative wall material far superior to the adsorption capacity of activated carbon, diatom mud can adsorb formaldehyde in the later stage, decompose formaldehyde and benzene into harmless carbon dioxide and water under the action of photocatalyst photoelectric reaction, and play a role in purifying indoor air and improving living quality

thirdly, with the continuous improvement of the construction process of diatom mud, the decorative effect of diatom mud has far exceeded that of wallpapers. Its soft and elegant decorative style makes my family more close to putting forward the carbonization layer theory, fire performance theory and inorganic organic hybrid reaction theory to control fire from the source, which can not only protect the eyesight of children and the elderly from damage, but also prevent visual fatigue

when it comes to diatom mud, some users may react that the price is too high! In fact, the relatively high price of diatom mud is a relative concept. Compared with emulsion paint and ordinary wallpaper, diatom mud and wallpaper emulsion paint are not the same thing at all. Because diatom mud is a handicraft product with high construction cost, it is a functional product, which can "cure both symptoms and root causes" of decoration pollution, and can perfectly decorate the wall. It is far more expensive than wallpaper in terms of cost and use value. As the price of diatom mud, in fact, it is only the price of mid-range wallpaper, so diatom mud is not only inexpensive, but also cost-effective value for money

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