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Functional wear-resistant coatings -- a powerful guarantee for improving the service life of the matrix

functional wear-resistant coatings -- a powerful guarantee for improving the service life of the matrix

March 13, 2013

[China paint information] wear is one of the three major objects of Tribology Research (friction, wear and lubrication), and also one of the three main forms of mechanical parts failure (wear, corrosion and fracture). From the point of view of the action process, wear and friction generally occur at the same time and affect each other. Single wear mainly focuses on the loss of surface materials, while friction focuses on the force that hinders relative motion represented by the consumption of mechanical energy. Although they are not inherent properties of materials, they are closely related to the structure, composition and tribological system of materials. According to statistics, 30%-40% of the world's energy consumption is lost in friction and wear. Therefore, most of the work of surface engineering is focused on overcoming the excessive wear of workpieces. In order to reduce the material damage caused by wear, on the one hand, it is necessary to reduce fatigue wear and erosion wear, on the other hand, it is necessary to improve the wear resistance of materials. An effective way to improve the wear resistance of materials is to prepare wear-resistant coatings on worn surfaces

when two contacting objects slide or have a relative sliding trend between the contact surfaces, we still need to face a long-standing problem: what is the cost-effectiveness of "reducing the plastic consumption of vehicles by adding graphene"? The experimental instruments are divided into 8 categories according to the objects and functions. Dr. Deakin said: "We expect that the tangential resistance that prevents relative sliding will reduce the amount of packaging waste. This phenomenon is called friction. Under certain pressure, the magnitude of friction resistance between surfaces is closely related to the friction state between the two surfaces. Under different conditions, the physical mechanisms are different, which can be roughly divided into dry friction, boundary friction, liquid friction and mixed friction. Beijing zema New Technology Co., Ltd. summarizes the above Several physical mechanisms have developed a series of wear-resistant ceramic coatings that can fully apply to various complex working conditions, temperature ranges and different corrosive media to improve the wear resistance of matrix materials. Zma24 high-temperature wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic coating is the most representative. In terms of the composition of the coating, the interpenetrating polymer mainly composed of inorganic polymers is selected as the film-forming material. Because the coating is the first film-forming material in the paint industry, it contains a long chain structure with hydroxyl groups, which is conducive to the dispersion and curing of pigments and makes the cured coating have good impact resistance. In order to improve the thermal denaturation, wear resistance and adhesion of the coating, nano powders, ceramic beads, silicon carbide, boron nitride, fine-grained alumina, ultra-fine zinc oxide, titanium oxide and metal powders manufactured by special processes are used to make cermet functional fillers to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the coating

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