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Jingxin environmental protection PVC organic stabilizer obtained patent

recently, the environmental protection PVC organic stabilizer independently developed by Hebei Jingxin Chemical Group Co., Ltd. obtained the invention patent authorization from the State Intellectual Property Office. With its excellent environmental protection and physicochemical properties, the product fills the gap in the market of high-end PVC stabilizer products in China, and further improves the environmental protection performance of PVC products

in recent years, PVC products are more and more directly used in food packaging films, medical infusion tubes and other daily necessities, and the development of environmentally friendly and non-toxic PVC stabilizers has gradually become the focus of scientific research. Jingxin chemical gives full play to the scientific research advantages of China plastic functional additives R & D center, and develops patented PVC organic stabilizer products through in-depth research on PVC thermal decomposition mechanism and technical breakthrough

according to wangxingwei, vice chairman and chief engineer of the company, they have further improved the chemical properties of PVC organic Stabilizers by developing various functional monomer raw materials such as 2-fatty acyloxy-2-ene-1,4-diol diester. Compared with the non-toxic calcium zinc stabilizers and organotin stabilizers that have been used for a long time in China, the new products developed by the company have good thermal stability and have the characteristics of coupling, toughening, brightening and weather resistance. This kind of monomer compound is an international initiative both in structure and function design

it is reported that the environment-friendly PVC organic stabilizer has been recognized by users after it was put into the market. At present, Jingxin chemical has built a 20000 ton industrial plant, so the flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need to produce devices. In addition to meeting the domestic high-end use, the products are also exported to the international market

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