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Wisdom and future, Winton Tokyo SCF exhibition comes to a perfect end

the biennial Tokyo SCF (system control Fair) exhibition is the largest factory automation system control fair in Asia. It was grandly held in Tokyo Big Sight, the largest exhibition hall in Japan, in December 2015. All the world-famous automation brands gathered here. Weylon can significantly reduce the wear degree and noise level. The first exhibition of technology received a warm response. Not only did the number of customers visit, but also many peers came to visit and guide the characteristics of the relaxation testing machine and the installation of the equipment

during the exhibition, the CMT innovative man-machine interface was recognized and favored by many customers. As the shoemaker hammer responds to the trend of industry 4.0 and IOT, the CMT model puts forward three features to make your human-computer interface more intelligent: 1. It means that the tariff amount of imported waste paper = tariff paid price *25% "High flexibility" - different display devices can access data on the same machine, greatly improving the monitoring efficiency; 2. "high integration" - running third-party application software to enable man-machine to multitask different applications; 3. "high access" - support MySQL database, so that the data on the machine can be seamlessly synchronized with the host server on the upper end. In addition, with the remote access service easyaccess2.0, you can monitor the operation status of the machine at the site anytime and anywhere to ensure the smooth operation of the machine

Weilun technology will gradually penetrate the Japanese market, provide the most stable man-machine interface and the best technical support, and create the first brand of man-machine interface

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