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At the beginning of November, Cognex announced that its SmartView surface detection system won orders worth more than US $2million from China in the third quarter

"the three largest steel companies in China 3. Cooling rate: + 30 ℃ ~ 0 ℃ about 2.0 ℃/min all ordered SmartView system from Cognex," said Dr. illman, President of Cognex, "The order obtained from Baosteel in the third quarter is the ninehundred order obtained by Cognex since it launched the SmartView system in 2000. Baosteel is the largest steel manufacturer in China. This order is also the first to provide the system as a major system, and it is stipulated in the cooperation agreement to provide nine additional optional systems."

Dr. shillman continued, "in addition to the steel industry, Cognex has also sold five sets of the system to Chinese copper producers. These successes show that SmartView is gradually becoming the most popular surface inspection system in China, which has been installed, debugged and put into production in 10 production lines, and it has been successful in North America, Europe and Japan."

Cognex SmartView is a set of high-end surface detection system, which can automatically detect, identify and classify the surface defects of products made of metal, paper, plastic, non textile and other materials. Early defect detection can reduce the generation of waste materials and improve production. Therefore, the product capacity you test is not large enough to benefit the manufacturer, and the company can ensure the product qualification rate before submitting the product to the customer

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