Precautions for purchasing electronic lock

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1. Functions should be used in combination with the environment:

the functional requirements should be determined according to the application, because different use environments have different functional focuses. As an office electronic lock of a financial institution, it must have the following functions: time limit for all key cards, door opening record function and hierarchical management function. On the basis of basic functions, in order to adapt to the future development, we can consider the expansion of the lock system (the system can manage staff offices, public channels, private channels, etc.), and consider the technical interface of the card system. We should be able to monitor the status of the room door in real time, and control the opening of the door in case of extraordinary events. The best solution is to network door locks, and consider the interfaces of other IC card systems together, so as to realize all-in-one card

2. Safety and stability are extremely important:

as a security product, door locks must have safety and stability. Security can be measured from two aspects: first, resistance to vandalism, mischief, and deliberate prying, drilling and other violent damage. In this regard, at present, the mechanical strength of mechanical locks and electronic door locks can generally meet the requirements. Among all kinds of door locks, only the RF card electronic door lock is a fully enclosed structure, and its security is the best. The second is to prevent the opening of technology. The ability of mechanical lock to prevent the opening of technology is very poor. The mechanical lock of any structure can be opened by other means. The key can be copied, which is a great security risk. In the electronic door lock, the key card of the magnetic card is easy to be copied because there is no password restriction. IC card and RF card completely solve the problem of preventing the opening of technology

3. Stability is also very important:

the door cannot be opened when it should be opened, and the door cannot be closed when it should be closed, which may cause serious losses to financial enterprises. Generally speaking, among several electronic door locks, the stability of RF card electronic door lock is significantly higher than that of other electronic door locks. Magnetic cards are afraid of strong magnetic fields, IC cards are afraid of oil, dust and static electricity (especially when they are placed with woolen fabrics in dry weather), and RF cards are fully sealed, waterproof, antistatic and dust-proof. In terms of card reading mode, only RF card reading is not contacted, and its service life is the longest

4. Development trend of Technology:

IC cards can be used as identity recognition, tickets, electronic wallets, etc., while the operation of contact IC card electronic door lock card is inconvenient (long operation time), poor environmental adaptability and other insurmountable problems make it gradually eliminated, especially in public and semi public use environments, such as attendance, dining consumption, public transport system, parking lot, etc. Contactless IC card electronic door lock is a new type of electronic door lock just produced. Because of its high reliability, high security, non-contact, fast and convenient operation, long service life, it has become a replacement product of contact IC card electronic door lock





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