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My friend's house has just been decorated. After visiting his house, I learned that the decoration at home can be so beautiful. Unlike the finished furniture on the left and right of our house, their furniture is customized in Tino's whole house, which looks particularly unified

a friend's house has just been decorated. After visiting his house, I learned that the decoration of his house can still be so beautiful. Unlike the finished furniture of our house, which is one piece on the left and one piece on the right, their furniture is customized in the whole house of Tino, which looks particularly unified

they have a Tino European minimalist Series in their whole family. The three tones of black, white and gray match, which is never out of date. The light luxury style is easily brought out in a few strokes

the golden handle of the dining side cabinet gives the pure white minimalist space a sense of neatness, which will not be so dull visually. With the golden collocation, it reveals the infinite charm of the exquisite space

the master bedroom is mainly white and gray, and the snow rock background makes the bedroom look less monotonous. The smooth lines and simple door panels create a pure and simple atmosphere. The wardrobe to the top is completed at one go, and the combination of lines and metal makes the bedroom bloom infinite charm

the TV cabinet and dressing table in one corner are combined, and the simple and elegant soft snow rock background and streamlined relief board are dotted with single dots. Through the collision of different materials, it creates a jumping sense of space and gives people more visual surprises

the guest room of a friend's house is made into tatami, and the scattered cabinets meet the storage space needs of the home. There are places to store seasonal clothes, quilts, idle magazines, etc

the designer specially created a desk for friends. If there are no guests to stay, the room can also be used for work. The snow rock shelf beside the wardrobe seems to be a pure background reserved for the soul. The ornaments on it give people a sense of tranquility and relaxation

who doesn't envy such a home? Without too much color and decoration, the overall space of the home is visually infinite, and there is no lack of light luxury in simplicity. Living in such a home, you will probably feel that life is so beautiful

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