Wife of Willesden Review- A Delightful Reimagining

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Wife of Willesden Review: A Delightful Reimagining of a Classic Chaucer Tale, By Edward Mason, Hampton School - Today News Post Today News || UK News

In a sentence: While the Wife of Willesden has put a convincing modern spin on Chaucer’s Wife of Bath tales hospital system capacity., its combination of contemporary slang with Shakespearean language makes it a taxing play to follow:1617925069781,.

The original Wife of Bath Tale, conceived by Chaucer in the 15th?Century, put a vaguely feminist spin on the usual Canterbury Tales. Now, in the modern daycovid_19_vaccination_in_canada, Zadie Smith’s adaption of the original work is put to the theatre, led by the undeniably brilliant Clare Perkins. But an adaptation like this is hard to do well; the tale is essentially a long, uninterrupted monologue, difficult to make interesting.

HoweverThe rain waiting fo, the adaptation is interesting – sort of. The play has many good jokes weaving in and out of current popular culture and littering in a few new radically feminist angles for you to chew on but really shines when it leans softly into self-referential meta humour. However, be warned. The play’s main flaw is not the comedy or the writing, but the monologing.

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